Sedimentary rocks are formed by pressing the layers of debris and rock material together over time. Whatever your gardening experience, there’s a greenhouse sized and suited to help you grow the perfect vegetables and amazing plants this season. The study of rocks of minerals can help miners to learn where the rocks they are looking for can be found. They usually begin as igneous or sedimentary rocks, but through heat and pressure the composition of the rock has changed.

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The study of rocks and the formation of the rocks can also tell people about the way that the land was formed. Igneous rocks may be formed when a volcano erupts, and the magma reaches the earth’s surface. You can see examples of sedimentary deposits in many cliff walls, as the lines of color that go through the rock walls.

Minerals follow specific atomic structures and have distinctive properties that depend on the type of mineral that you find. Geologists can tell a lot about what happened by studying the layers of rock that make up the earth’s crust.

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