Frames are pre-assembled in Round Wood of Mayfield's workshop to ensure fit and ease of build, before being shipped to site where they can be erected by the purchaser's own fitters or the company's own team.
Products include pergolas, gazebos, pool houses, gyms, hot tub shelters, storage rooms, kitchen or BBQ areas, and smoking shelters. An oak framed building is an ideal way of achieved detached living space should you need an area to work, or even just relax, away from the main house.
EXTERNAL WORKS helps designers, specifiers and buyers find the right companies and products to work with for all civil engineering, landscape and architectural hardscape new build and refurbishment projects. Our standard garden sheds stand out from the rest – not only do they look good they stand the test of time – our reputation is your guarantee.
All timber used is pressure treated, followed by an additional hand applied coat of Light Oak stain prior to delivery (other colours are available at an extra charge). We have a selection of sheds to view on our showground, so why not visit us at Low Hesket between Carlisle and Penrith on the A6.
Morton Garden Buildings Ltd for the highest quality, hand made, Gazebos, Garden Offices, Greenhouses, Garages, Summerhouses and Garden Sheds. If this was the Summer House you wanted in your garden, could you build it without having to apply for Planning Approval? Our previous article on Permitted Development Rights, which you can access by Clicking Here  goes into a little more detail about Permitted Development Rights in terms of extensions rather than Outbuildings. This entry was posted in Architectural Design, Planning and tagged Amazing, planning, Spaces.

The reason for my interest is because I was once an elected council counillor and much of my time was taken up with planning issues – particularly where someone wished to build on to or extend either height or ground coverage of an existing property. Without wishing to denigrate the professionalism of planning officers, they can, at times, become seeped in the mire of local planning rules and regulations. The rules around Permitted Development Rights have been revised recently, and in fact more is potentially allowed without the need for planning.
One of the main problems is that people assume that Permitted Development Rights apply to their property, when perhaps they don’t. If you’ve had a set of drawings prepared and sent to the council, and therefore have a confirmation letter saying that the development is permitted, then that reply and a copy of the drawing is your evidence, and should tick that box! They are clad with feather edge weatherboard, inset with softwood or oak joinery as required. Garden offices have particularly come into fashion over the last decade or so as homeowners seek to reduce arduous commutes, whilst still benefiting from a dedicated working space.
EXTERNAL WORKS helps you reach faster, better quality of decision about who and what to work with.
If you need advice or would like us to measure your site, please ask for a free site visit.  We make buildings in any size or shape to fit that awkward space – custom made buildings are a speciality. For example, they do not apply in front of the Principle Elevation fronting a highway, which normally means you can’t put a shed up in your front garden! For example an outbuilding more than twenty meters from the house must not cover an area over 10m? and anything to the side of the house will require Planning Permission.

This can be a withdrawal of a particular Permitted Development Right by inserting a clause such as “No roof top aerials” or even a blanket withdrawal of ALL Permitted Development Rights. Although you may not have built an extension to the house, a previous owner may have done so. You can do this by contacting Building Design Professionals like us or by asking at your Local Authority Planning Department. However, I always advise people to get an Architectural Designer to help, they have more knowledge and experience and can guide a home owner through the process and make sure that what is built meets the permitted development guidelines or receives the appropriate approvals. How many people would think of applying for planning permission when buying a shed from B&Q? To find out if your property has its permitted development rights removed, check the conditions listed on the original Planning Consent.
If you’ve not got a copy, you may be able to view the documents on line on your Local Authority’s Website.

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