In the 1710s and '20s Charles Bridgeman (garden designer) and John Vanburgh (architect) designed an English Baroque park, inspired by the work of London, Wise and Switzer.
My husband and I visited your gardens today, Wednesday 12th May, we arrived just in time for the 12 o'clock tour round the gardens with David Wilson.
Just been to Stowe today 2nd January 2010, very cold day, all the lakes frozen over with hardly any free water for the poor ducks and swans to paddle.. I am a photography hobbiest and visited the Stowe Gardens just recently along with my friend, who is also a hobbiest photographer.
When me and my friend recently visited stowe gardens it was a beautiful sunny day, which really brought out the life in the tree's.
Nightingale Garden Company Limited, Company Registered Number: 06549733, Registered in England and Wales.
Three sets of double doors aid ventilation on those long hot days, and a ridge incorporating low voltage down-lighters provides subtle lighting when the daylight fades.
Insulation: With the need for a year round structure growing ever more popular we have also added an insulated option to the range, double glazed and insulated panels and roof provide a year round use capability, the structure thus becoming an extension to the house, yet separate from it. We are very proud of our knowledge and experience, if you have any questions on this product please let us know and we'll be pleased to help. I would prefer to buy from you but I have found this at a better price elsewhere, Could you tell me your pricing policy?
Stowe is one of the finest of Georgian landscape gardens comprising valleys and vistas, narrow lakes and rivers with more than 30 temples and monuments, designed by leading architects of the 18th-century. HOTELS AND PLACES TO STAY NEAR TO GARDENIf you want to find places to stay near Stowe Garden, why not stay in one of our recommended hotels. Fill in your address into the address field below the map and the shortest route will be calculated. In the 1730s William Kent and James Gibbs were appointed to work with Bridgeman, who died in 1738. I can't praise this garden enough.So much has been achieved with this hugely important English garden, and there is much yet to accomplish for the team. Although we have been there many times before, this was our first try at finding the new entranceway.
As we parked the car, the mists blew away, the sun shone in its winter glory, and we thoroughly enjoyed a strong walk through the park. It was designed as an 'enclosed place' (ie a garden) but it was inspired by paintings of classical landscapes.
Each hotel has genuine guest reviews enabling you to book from anywhere in the world in total confidence.
Although the end result does not have quite the drama which one might expect from such a famous place, there are many fine buildings and composed scenes.

4 hours walking and after every corner another view.Not so overwhelming as Stourhead or Bodnant, but by his size nearly so impressive! The New Inn visitor centre was opened recently and makes a lovely 'original' entrance from which to explore the gardens. We do not, in any way, sell our pictures but only share them to our circle of friends and in flickr. Obviously, no flowers, but stunning scenery, interesting monuments - particularly the gothic church - a great afternoon out! After riding our motorcycles and parking we rolled two fat joints and found a nice shady cove to dwell in whilst we smoked the little peice of our own Botanics! Not only do we feature hotels near the garden, we also feature hotels worldwide and at all major airports. In the 1690s Stowe had a modest early-Baroque parterre garden, owing more to Italy than to France. Stowe began to evolve into a series of natural pictures, to be appreciated from a perambulation rather than from a central point. The JourneyI have to say that we almost gave up and went home after our first two attempts to find you. When we were in Stowe gardens taking some pictures, two women identifying themselves as Stowe Staff suddenly approached us and somewhat interrogated us like criminals due to the reason they said that the garden is closed at that time!
Around ten minutes after indulging the fine green, we found ourselves plodding our way to the nearest temple building and ravaging our packed lunches.It was so nice to see all the children playing and adults smiling whilst we two high boys enjoyed our meal, there was even a small caravan of pony riders which trotted past to our stoned amusement.
Kent's Temple of Ancient Virtue (1734) looks across the Elysian Fields to the Shrine of British Worthies. We had taken care before we left home to make sure we had the new post code (MK18 5EQ), and I put this into my Sat Nav in case we had difficulties. Lovely, and yet a tad bizarre or at odds with todays agressive life and restrictive beurocracy. I love the space, romance, adventure and wonderful charm but at the end of the 'journey' getting back into the car is a rude snap back to reality.
To our high horror, there was an tremendous que, and no air-con, we tried to cut in front of a few people, but a lady put us in line, and being too high to argue, we fell back. Arriving at the first of the two original entrances to the site, we found a brown A?a‚¬E?touristA?a‚¬a„? sign directing us to turn right onto the A422.
Even if the garden was closed, which we didn't even know (no signs whatsoever) but the approach was very rude and I find it so embarrasing!
Following this road, we got as far as a minor junction, where my Sat Nav told me to turn left. She had every right to tell you to get the hell out you don't own the place so stop acting like you do!!!! My question is, Is this the kind of attitude (the staff of this garden) to show for the tourist like us?

Is this the kind of promotion will the visiting tourist convey to others who are looking forward to visit the place? Brown made a Grecian Valley which, despite its name, is an abstract composition of landform and woodland.
I came to another tourist sign for Stowe, but this one led me to the second of the original entrances (now marked only for Stowe School). After a blurry 30 minutes, we reached a bench, which was good as we were both very worn out from all the giggling we had been doing non-stop. As Loudon remarked in 1831, 'nature has done little or nothing; man a great deal, and time has improved his labours'. We rested on the bench, exchanging grins and hysterics for a while gazing into the eyes of passer-by's then decided we were both too high to stay here, so off we crawled, back to our motorcycles to end the day. Stowe in a nutshell was a fantastic day out whether your baked with your best friend, walking with your wife, or spending time with your kids, the only bone i had to pick was ther was no water fountains!!! By now I had switched off the Sat Nav, having realised the new post code was not going to help me.
Sure enough, the distinctive archway then appeared ahead of us, and we knew we were nearly there.I would conclude that the new post code is not sufficient information to direct people to your new entrance. First ImpressionsThere is a considerable area marked out in the car park for disabled drivers. It may be that National Trust will eventually surface this path, but on this wet day it made a rather splashy and unpleasant start to the visit. We chose the beef pasties, but discovering they were cold, we asked if they could be heated. Sure enough, a microwave was available for public use, but this is a rather unusual way to supply hot food in a modern facility! I would suggest one of them should have been helping to direct things at the counter.MapsThe impressive model of the site at the New Inn entrance had one important omission.
The new entrance is some way off the model, and there is no indication of where the entrance actually is in relation to the rest of the site. It would certainly help your visitors if this information was provided.Overall ConclusionAll in all, our trip was a disappointment this time. Also, the weather was wet and cold, so we did not venture the long walk to the gardens themselves. I do hope you will consider my points as useful customer feedback, as you seek to maintain your usual high standards at Stowe Gardens.

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