Many of use want to extend our homes, but doing so in the UK is not always straightforward.
However, it is possible to add beautiful, low cost, new buildings and rooms to our properties using log cabins, and these can be added without planning permission when buying the right building.
Log Cabin Kits are available that included everything you need to construct a lovely modern building that has a vast array of uses. Since the 1st October 2008 new planning permission rules have allowed us to build garden buildings, including log cabins, that are 2.5 metres in height (or less) on our property without planning permission. It is also possible to build cabins higher than 2.5 metres if you build them more than 2 metres from your boundary.
This is great news, as we can now build great garden buildings when we like, without having to wait a long time for planning permission.
Garden building – a great place to relax in the garden, read a book, sit in the shade, and more.

Shed – you can have a high quality, double glazed shed for hobbies, storage and much more. Office – if you work from home and need a great space to be productive in, a log cabin is the perfect place. Studio – if you are an artist you can have an inspiration studio, made from wood, which smells and looks great. Garage – If you need to store vehicles, motorbikes, cycles, boats, or just abut anything else, then you can build one quickly and cheaply with a kit. Not only is there the cost of the building, but one has to satisfy planning permission rules.
A typically log cabin can be constructed in a few days by two people with only screwdrivers, a hammer, and a knife to cut some trim. He runs Factory Cabins, a log cabin kit designer, supplying log cabins that don’t need planning permission across the UK.

He runs South West Log Cabins, a log cabin kit designer, supplying log cabins that don't need planning permission across the UK.
The kits are high-quality, easy to assemble and many of the kits have been designed to fall within the 2.5 metre height planning permission exception. They can help you find the perfect cabin for you and your family, that you won’t need planning pemission for. They can help you find the perfect cabin for you and your family, that you won't need planning pemission for.

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