Tree shelters protect newly planted trees from browsing animals including rabbits, muntjac, hares and deer. Suregreen have a range of grass protection meshes to protect grass from traffic wear, rutting and mud.
Suregreen’s plastic garden mesh range is suitable for many garden, agriculture and landscaping applications.
Weed control fabrics act as a permeable block to stop weeds growing though, while allowing water through.
Galvanised hexagonal wire netting is used for rabbit fencing, garden fences, pet enclosures and chicken runs. Geocomposite Drain,Gutter Guard FoamGeocomposite drain can prevent the filtering layer from being blocked by super fine particles and can be used fro the dehydration of construction concrete and other kinds of slurries. Plastic Leaf Gutter Guard MESHPlastic Gutter Guard   Why install Gutter GUARD MESH? This is heavy duty rigid plastic mesh, (mesh size 50mm) ideal for fixing to the wall for creating support for climbing plants. It is versatile, hard wearing and can easily be attached to the wall, fence or garden arches. For many smaller items such as the Bronze Animal Sculptures there is no postage cost to pay - these will all have free delivery marked on the item in the top right corner of the page.
For all our fence posts and stakes you only ever pay one fixed postage charge of £7.45 so the more you buy the better value they become!
We have created a new shop category called add-on gifts and sales items – the add-on gifts are items we have sourced which are light and fantastic value but would be expensive for you to buy on their own but can simply be added to your order with very little or no extra postage cost, making them ideal items to add to your order to give you the best value for money possible.
Product Reviews Product Reviews 1 Review 5 out of 5 stars  Write Review  5 out of 5 stars Friday 06 September, 2013 By Sara Louise Spencer Item ordered on Monday, arrived on Weds when not expected until poss Friday, well wrapped, looks fine (I haven't used it yet as have not had time)! Garden fencing, screening mesh, balcony protection, plant and flowers support, wind protection mesh, decorative garden boundary, poultry cages, fencing for small animals, plastic garden delimitation, protection for railings and air vents.

They are easy to shape and install and are manufactured from recyclable, non-toxic, high quality materials, meaning they can even be used in areas where children play.
Particularly resistant plastic mesh, to create closets for storing tools and vegetable garden boundaries. Plastic mesh with reinforced edges generally used on balconies to prevent objects from falling off. Decorative mesh to screen from view, to protect from wind and to decorate balconies and terraces.
Multipurpose net with tiny rhomboidal mesh generally used on manholes, drains and air vents. Lightweight and resistant plastic mesh for poultry cages, aviaries, fences for small animals, chicken fence. Modular barrier in metal and plastic for temporary fencing of seeded areas or working areas. For building compost containers, allowing air to circulate and increase the speed on decomposition. Plastic flat mesh ( also known as plastic net ) is made with the extruder heating melt, through the extrusion into a number of holes. The molten plastic flows through the die opening pore formation of two shares of melt wire, due to head rotation, two strand of wire discontinuous converging at a point, to form a network, then cooling shaping into mesh.
Plastic Flat Mesh is made from HDPE material, having the Characteristic of corrossion resisting,light-weight,long life,non toxic tasteless etc.
According to different breeding objects,the Plastic Flat Mesh for Animal Breeding can be devided into 3kinds. White colour is the most popular, we also can supply blue, green, black and others based on your request.
It is a lightweight netting fence, with its open structure allowing great wind flow for outdoor advertisement.

Micro-climate protection and vented tube tree guards promote faster and stronger tree growth. Grass pavers offer ground reinforcement, are permeable for rain and ideal for paths, drives, driveways, lawn parking and car parks.
Plastic grass reinforcement mesh protects grass and reduces worn grass caused by cars, pedestrians, vans and Lorries.
Large range of Faux lead effect Chelsea, Windsor, Gothic and Lion Head lead effect cubes, troughs and cylinder available. Versatile and available in four mesh sizes, we offer ones of the largest ranges on the market. Rigid yet decorative mesh ideal for supporting climbing plants, with a 2" square mesh pattern. Garden mesh 5 and 15 square aperture garden meshes have a smooth selvedge at the top so that there are no sharp edges on the top surface.
DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. Rustic wood effect, Beige and aged black sandstone resin based garden planters also in stock. It is made of HDPE and it has the feature of ageing resistance, anti-corrosion, softness and portability.

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