Solar Powered LED Flood Light - Motion Detection, WeatherproofProduct Summary:With wire free installation, this Solar Powered LED Flood Light is perfect for any remote or hard to reach place on your property. 7 Days: Return within 7 days in the original packaging shipped in and in the condition it arrived in, for a replacement, exchange or partial refund. Those are still fine solutions but only when you don’t have enough space for a real office. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. Powered by the sun, this flood light offers wire-free installation and energy-saving security that works great in remote or difficult to access locations such as sheds, rooftops, detached garages, and other outdoor buildings. It would be private, without people always passing by distracting you, it would be spacious and you would also get to design it exactly how you want. Made out of durable ABS plastic, this compact Flood light offers long lasting defense against the elements of nature. After dark, the unit's built-in motion detector turns the light on automatically upon detecting motion, and then turns it off after a user-defined timer setting.

A perfect security device for illuminating dark alleys and sidewalks or patios and keeping unwanted visitors away.
It was designed by Platform 5 Architects in 2012 and it can be found in Westminster, London, UK.
The Shoffice is a garden pavilion that was added to a 1950’s house and it features a bold contemporary design. Secure it in a desired location using the included mounting piece and make sure the 2W Polycrystalline solar panel is pointed toward a sunny area to ensure maximum solar charging. The resulting office is small, with a footprint of 10 square meters and an internal floor area of 8 square meters. It was prefabricated in sections and its interior is equipped with power outlets, data ports, electric heat and natural light and ventilation systems. This is the Polyhedron and it’s a unique garden office that was designed and built by architect Manuel Villa in collaboration with architect Alberto Gonzalez.
Inside, there’s a built-in banquet, a desk, a small cupboards and lots of additional storage on the shelves.

The OfficePOD was built with high-quality and carefully-chosen materials and it gets its power from a protected connection to the house. But the way everything is neatly organized and the shape of the pile quickly led you to believe that there’s something else hiding there.
You would be right to suspect that as this is actually an office.View in galleryView in galleryIf you look closely you will notice a long rectangular line on the top half of the pile. Its exterior design allows it to perfectly blend in and seamlessly integrate into the landscape.{found on site}.

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