Luxury garden room supplier Westbury Garden Rooms recently wrote a guide to the questions you should ask when buying a garden room, we thought today we would have a look at the varying garden room designs they offer – from the traditional style garden room attached to the house to the contemporary garden room at the bottom of the garden.
When it comes to selecting wall and floor building materials, always keep this concept in mind — water and dirt will be everywhere. But because the garden room is designed with the growing of plants as one of its main objectives, providing adequate light will be a major consideration.
If you have a great number of plants, a storage and potting area with a water faucet would be extremely useful. Built for the Sonora Island Resort, it incorporates the ocean front and amazing scenery, and blurs the lines between inside and outside. The Garden Room is one of the latest additions to our standards and also one of the most popular and versatile. We can quote to supply flooring, tiling, door and beam, but do not supply sundry building materials. For those clients who would like to take advantage of their garden all year round, whatever the weather, we have produced a wide range of conservatories and garden rooms. Whether you are looking for a Victorian style conservatory to complement a period home, or a more modern garden room to add to open plan spaces in kitchens and living rooms, at Ponder Construction we can provide every type of solution.

We bring a range of skills and services to conservatories and garden rooms that are hard to find elsewhere. Ponder Construction is an established builder and building contractor in West bergholt, Essex. And since it’s part of your house, the garden room must do more than just house plants — it must also provide living space. Abundant window area and possibly a glass ceiling or skylights will bring in more than ample light for tropical foliage plants.
Most tropical plants grown indoors can get by with levels around 30 to 40 percent, and you can provide this humidity level without sophisticated equipment.
For plant containers, potting mix, fertilizers, and the other garden paraphernalia most plant lovers collect, plant storage that will keep everything close at hand. Our work is produced to a high level of quality and craftsmanship ensuring a beautiful addition to your home that is built to last. Our building company offers a wide range of building services serving Colchester, West Bergholt, Braiswick, Fordham, Great Horkesley, Little Horkesley, Langham, Dedham, Nayland, North Essex and Suffolk. Many garden rooms do double duty as breakfast room, dining room, entertaining area, family room, and sitting room.

The best the indoor gardener can do is to group plants around the best-lit windows or install artificial lighting to help the situation. A number of plants grouped together will help provide humidity to each other through transpiration — plants give off moisture through their leaves as a natural process. Temperature levels between 70? and 75? F during the day and around 65? F at night should please all the occupants. If the garden room is to be a new addition to your house, be sure to get a building permit.
Most plants need good ventilation — that means doors and windows that can be opened to let stuffy hot air escape.

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