The 12X12 Octagon Garden Shed Greenhouse by Little Cottage Company, one of the nation's top builders of wooden structures, is the most elegant and beautiful wooden greenhouse available anywhere.
They have applied their years of experience building shed, garage, and playhouse kits along with contemporary gazebo design to an absolutely unique structure that is sure to be the centerpiece of any garden. Featuring expansive windows, a tiered roof, and plenty of growing space, the greenhouse is handmade based on your order and is delivered anywhere in the continental United States.
Hinged doors with a locking mechanism provide easy entry, and the greenhouse can be painted to any color of yor choosing. It has been designed to be both beautiful and functional, ensuring that all your plants have have a well-insulated place to grow throughout the seasons and that your family enjoys the benefits for many years to come. Garden Sheds - THE Shed Company supply a range of garden sheds and are available for purchase from our secure online store! We all want to make the most of any good British weather this summer, by enjoying a little gardening or simply relaxing outdoors.
Wood burning stoves and open fires are making a comeback, due to concerns about ever increasing energy prices and people looking for more eco friendly ways to heat their homes.
As the family grows and our possessions increase, we all strive to make the best of the space we have with clever storage solutions.
But unless you’re lucky enough to already have all the bedroom and living space you need, there will undoubtedly come a time when you need to consider upsizing to accommodate your needs.

Asgard has unveiled its latest high security metal garden shed range – The Asgard Flexistore Storage Unit, in response to the growing demand for a good quality, secure outdoor shed for multipurpose storage.
The new range was designed to provide secure outdoor storage as well as the flexibility of additional shelving space and storage. The single door access offers convenient accessibility and features the same unique high security 3-point locking system as many of Asgard’s other security approved storage units. With an enhanced integrated ventilation system and solid plywood flooring, the Flexistore Storage Unit is ideal for storing gardening tools and equipment, lawn mowers, and patio furniture and bulky children’s play equipment.
The unit is manufactured at the company headquarters in Bradford, and can be personalised around the customer’s requirements.
Available in 3 sizes depending on the outdoor space required, with an optional ramp for accessibility, and comes in a range of 3 colours to suit the surroundings of Dark Green, Brown or Ivory. There is nothing better than an open fire to keep you warm and cosy during the cold winter months and open fires are having a renaissance as more and more people realise the cost savings, benefits to the environment and that wonderful romantic crackle of a wood burning hearth or stove. If that tired old shed at the bottom of the garden is more eyesore than eye-catching, then it’s time to take action, with a makeover that will restore it to its former glory. And, no matter what the transformation you have in mind – be it from shed to home office, to den for the kids, or simply a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind – Sadolin has a woodstain just perfect for the job.
Why not turn that dull roof into something spectacular with a low maintenance green roof that offers some worthwhile environmental benefits?

Sedum Supply specialises in growing and supplying a marvellous range of sedum products, for use on green roofs and in garden landscaping projects and has also developed ready grown environmentally friendly wildflower roofs. The Posh Shed Company have applied all their experience to come up with a range of high quality sheds that will stay dry inside, will be secure and above all, look good. The beautifully crafted and cleverly designed Lynford Eco-Store has been created by HSP Garden Buildings to conceal all household recycling storage and shows how recycling can be stylish as well as practical. As our mountains of recycling increases and people become more aware of the need to reduce our landfill sites, HSP has provided the perfect solution on storing our unsightly containers. The 12X12 Octagon Garden Shed Greenhouse is the flagship structure from Little Cottage Company. All EasyShed components feature EdgeSAFE® rolled safety edges for ease of handling during assembly. But log stores are having a renaissance and are no longer the rustic old shed full of timber and they now add a touch of something special to almost any back garden.
When you are just looking for a space to put the garden tools and a bike there are hundreds of sheds available, but they all look much the same.

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