Generally, our smaller sizes are reserved for smaller gardens and storage purposes, if you can manage a larger shed then you’ll find it much easier to keep tidy for a minimal increase in spend. All our standard sheds feature a traditional, tried-and-tested construction style of premium tongue and groove cladding. To make sure our sheds are strong as they can be, we have doubled the framing by adding additional top and bottom rails and all the cladding is not just nailed but also glued to the framing ensuring this is the sturdiest shed we offer. Should you have any more questions or queries regards our products or bespoke work please do not hesitate in contacting us on 07795 278 395.

It’s perfect as a premium storage solution, with a dependable build quality that gives it the weather resistance and durability necessary for storing more all your garden furniture, tools and more. We know that people often end up needing more space than they initially envisage, but we also know that there’s only so much room in your garden.
As the boards interlock together, you’ll benefit from great protection from the elements as well as the simple aesthetic charm of a T and G shed. We offer buildings from a cosy and small 7 x 4, right up to a 10 x 5, letting you choose the perfect one for your pocket and requirements.

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