What better way to recycle old windows than build them into a unique garden greenhouse or potting shed? Check out what some creative folks have crafted using reclaimed old windows and doors, and maybe you’ll be inspired to create your own! The rustic buildings have such character and I think blend perfectly into a garden environment. In fact, it is also great to plan your yards and gardens now because when the warmer weather comes you will have a beautiful garden ready with the blooming flowers and every thing else colorful. Add some colorful cutouts of flower or plants or even colored glass on your windows to make it stand apart. Or just add some bright bold color like red or blue to the window panes that will give it a simple but brighter look.

Beyond cool.I can imagine a similar one tucked quite nicely into our garden with vines and other plantings making it feel right at home.
Of course since returning home my wheels have been turning on how to incorporate a similar shed into our landscaping. I do all of my own landscaping; have put in my own water feature and created a huge perennial garden to replace half of the grass. But as much as I might feel compelled, I have yet to take on a garden structure project like this alone.
I have been asking for a garden shed for two years since i have to traipse thru field and fauna pushing the wheelbarrow with a flat tire, only to realize once i get there that I have forgotten something!
Well, what I got instead from my ingenious husband was the cutest chicken coop in the world for the 6 babies that he surprised me with in April.

Did I ask for chicks or a tractor coop made from leftover hardie plank and shaker shingles? The other day I saw a wall made out of old doors…started thinking a shed made out of salvaged doors would be pretty amazing too.

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