Because of the beautiful thing that it is, people started to ask where they could buy the same shed kit! OBN is a total resource for Owner-Builders, DIYer’s and anyone interested in home improvement. Because we’re ‘been there, done that’ people with bucket loads of inspiring ideas, plans and galleries of beautiful homes and gardens.
April 29, 2013 By Larry 2 Comments The garden shed foundation is the most important and the first step in building a secure structure. Our first tip for almost all newbie garden shed builders is to use timber pegs measuring around 2”x2” which have been sharpened at the end.
Ideally, you will want the finished depth to be 75mm in most cases, and a 4×2 peg can be used to measure the ground level. Most people make the mistake of using low-grade stone to lay down the garden shed foundation. Learn more about shed plans and building foundation from Ryan Henderson the author of My Shed Plans. Whether you’re planning to treat the wood garden shed you build with stain, paint, varnish, sealant or even oil, you are likely doing so with a specific aesthetic in mind. Get Instant Access To a Free 8x12 Storage Shed Plan Worth $27Step-By-Step Easy To Follow Instructions, Blueprints & Material ListsFull Blown Diagrams and Detailed Photos!

Four Types Of Garden Sheds (Gambrel, Gable, Lean To, SaltBox) 4 CommentsThere are four main types of garden sheds. Whether you’re building a ground up home for you and your children or just adding a Bali hut to the poolside, you’ll find friends here. The foundation of most Gambrel, Gable, and SaltBox sheds may be as simple as laying out a few concrete blocks but then again just laying down concrete is not going to prevent water from getting it, it also does not tie down your timber structure well enough to hold off against a storm.
For such a small scale excavation it is best to keep things simple by using a spirit level along with 4×2 timbers. Cut a small piece of timber of this length and continue your excavation and keep checking with the 4×2 and spirit level every now and then to make sure you do not go too deep.
You should use 4×4 inch pressure treated timbers which will allow for ventilation under the shed.
The emphasis should be on laying down a solid garden shed foundation and one which is not easily damaged by water.
You’ll also find ‘mate’s rates’ materials, national directories of trades and services and even our ‘Sunday Markets’ where you can buy, swap and sell! The shape should be rectangular and you should double check it by measuring the area diagonally.
A hand tamper has a 20lbs weight and measures around 4”x4” which you will need to raise and then drop many times in order to compact the stone.

We recommend pressure treated timber because it lasts long, plus adding stone prolongs the life of the timber you use.
Once you've joined, you can either continue to use your social credentials or you can login with your username and password if you prefer. The spacing between the timber bearers you lay down will differ so you’ll have to refer to the blueprints you’re using for precise measurements. Build a solid foundation that will keep the shed from sitting in moisture, provides adequate drainage and ventilation, and is constructed level. However, be careful not to use gravel for the base or one large aggregate as these may not lock together. Of all of the cheap garden shed options that are available out there, the most important thing to not get skimpy on is the floor. Therefore, when you buy kits or pre-made wood garden sheds, make sure to check warranties, customer reviews, ask around, look it up online properly.

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