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These virtues have driven us to build cabins in the forest, on the lake and in the mountains for centuries.
From a glass cabin in Finland to a forest bungalow in Sri Lanka, these cabins are the wilderness retreats that we city dwellers can only dream of. In the distance, a natural forest sweeps across the valley below the bungalow, providing a picturesque vista for the occupant’s enjoyment.

Despite the contemporary inspiration of this cabin, the materials include little more than steel beams, wood floors and walls and a steel roof above. The living space is lifted above the forest floor, providing a place of peaceful reflection and a window into the breezy trees beyond.
It features a large weathered-steel panel that encloses its front side, keeping it safe when not in use.
It’s not the stone, metal and glass construction of the Green Box that characterizes its allure, but the thick greenery growing around it.

The Green Box cabin is overgrown with vines, bushes and flowering plants that cover its sides and green roof. We have plenty more on our Pinterest Board Wilderness Studios, and are always sharing new updates like these on facebook and twitter.

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