Thursday posts are sponsored by Atelier, garden studios which are sustainable, stylish, flexible, functional and future proofed. At Shanette  we fully appreciate that not every location lends itself to a traditional steel clad building.  In response to the need for  more attractive buildings,  Shanette now offers a  “ Wood” effect metall cladding alternative for the exterior of our steel framed buildings. This facade can be put on all 4no sides of a unit or 1no,2no or 3no sides depending on the location in your garden.
The result is an aesthetically pleasing exterior with all the benefits that a tough, durable steel frame brings, including large open spans, high eaves, ready accommodation of large door sizes allowing access for equipment etc., and all this is achieved more economically and quickly than with a normal timber frame or masonry building. Many of our Customers value the improved  appearance of our  wood “effect” sheds and garages.

Our facade profiles are made from high-quality plastic materials and coated with a U-V resistant Renolit foil which has proven itself in exterior use on PVC window and doors across Europe. For more information please contact a member of our Sales Team on 057-9332294 who will be happy to discuss your precise requirement.
Alternatively the roof and walls can be clad in our sophisticated composite panel system with a the Wood effect facade overlaid on top  to achieve the cosmetic result desired by so many , whilst retaining excellent thermal performance within the secure and watertight envelope.
The maintenance-free facade ensures durability without any painting unlike traditional natural wood cladding. We've seen a few examples recently including the impressive Windsor Gardenroom Shed Combi from Shedstore pictured above: it has a working area with slatted verandah, canopy and fully-opening glazed doors while the side shed can be used to house gardening equipment.

It's certainly a trend Shedworking would welcome, a blend of traditional shed useage and modern shed requirements.

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