And all you need to do is to seize the handle of your newly implemented enhance well being. This narrow pent shiplap garden store is easily accessible from the side thanks to the framed side door design. This well specified garden building offers flexibility due to the fact that the single door can be installed at either gable end. If access is restricted, your shed can be specially made in smaller sections designed to pass through a normal single door. Most cheaper garden sheds are delivered by national carriers who normally deliver to the kerbside only. Catalog of structures in accordance with roofs and a raised floor store the food in sealable bins. With a maximum building external ridge of 7 FT, the increased height offers considerable internal height too for all manner of storage possibilities.The natural-looking dipped honey brown shade will fit unassumingly into any garden setting. As a result, garden sheds delivered by outside carriers are made in small and flimsy lightweight sections with less wood.
I initially ordered a 12' x 4' shed but decided at the last minute to change it to 12' x 3' 8" to ensure it would fit. Many sheds include thin styrene glazing, which provides little security or weather protection.

Features of these garden sheds include careful construction with high quality components and fewer problems. This design ensures that rainwater drains faster and the timber dries quicker, which ensures a longer life for your garden shed. Building is coach screwed together for ease of taking it down againVertical Framework:50 x 45mm (2" x 2" nominal) framing as standard.
The bearers are the only part of the garden shed which is in contact with the ground and they are pressure treated for longer life.
This layer is impervious to moisture and ensures that the inside of your garden shed is drier.
Our solar security lights illuminate the approach to your garden shed at night and may also deter burglars. It looks great and we'll definitely recommend your company to anyone we know looking to buy a shed.
The whole experience of dealing with your company has been so easy and beyond expectations.
The vast amount of glass on the front wall and and both end walls ensure you get all the benefits of the sun and captures the sun rays. You also have the advantage of no wasted space inside, which you get with the traditional type of solar potting shed with the glass tipped back.

With a choice of apex or pent roofs with solid timber roofs or the optional apex roof with an ? glass roof, one of these will fulfill your gardening and potting shed needs, giving you hours of enjoyment.Assembled FREE - so you can save your energy to enjoy your garden !!These solar sun rooms will be installed for you free of charge when we deliver them - all you need to do is to provide a solid level base. And we can even build a base for your new building for you at small extra chargeDisplay Site - View Quality Before BuyingExamine and view the quality of these Superb Diamond® Solar Summer Rooms standards at our Display site - don't just rely on the computer screen or leaflet.
You may save a few pounds with a cheap solar potting shed but the fact remains that buying quality always pays off in the long run and you always have the satisfaction of being proud of your shed. Also, complete with staging under the window, a stable door and opening window, these are complete - no hidden extras.Makers of Solar Summer Rooms since 1979Our background in summer room manufacturing, starting in 1979, gives us the know how about the quality of materials which should be used. Internal heights NOT external which most firms quote)Treatment:All timber sheds are treated externally with a high quality spirit based timber preservative. Beware of other summerhouse companies which only show the size BEFORE machining - i.e they APPEAR thicker. Would you like to see our Summer Houses then visit our Summer House Display Area in Surrey to see examples of our range of Summer Houses.

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