Our log cabins are manufactured  from  high quality Nordic Spruce, harvested from responsibly managed, sustainable, FSC-certified Eastern-European forests. We use double tongue and groove logs in the walls of most of the cabins as it offers superior finish, construction stability and ease of assembly.
They come in a wide choice of  wall thicknesses, from 16 mm to 70 mm depending on the size and use. You can even have double walls with full insulation, giving a building that would need very little heating even in winter.
Woodpecker Log Cabins can be delivered in kit form (for DIY enthusiasts) or we can fully assemble them for you.
This includes levelling the ground, building a suitable concrete base, putting in optional plumbing and electrics, assembling the cabin, insulating it, adding the roof felt and painting it with wood preservative and finishing it to your specifications.
The log cabins  can be erected in a couple of days (as opposed to weeks or months that an extension can take).

There is no mess, no mortgage problems… and for smaller log cabins no planning permission is required. Log cabins are energy efficient – up to 70% more efficient than conventional block or brick buildings, so you can save money on your heating bills. They are also environmentally friendly and much healthier than concrete blocks (anti-allergenic).
So get an extra space for your in-laws or your guests, create a spacious garden office, build a summer house, therapy room, a workshop, a garage,…or a place for your teenagers to hang out. We will respond as soon as we can, to talk to someone immediately call Mark on 086 8202767. Our Log Cabins & Garden Sheds are made from high-quality Northern Spruce and manufactured according to strict ISO 9001 quality standards backed by 5-year written guarantee.

The log cabins are precision engineered according to strict ISO 9001 quality standards and backed by a 5-year written guarantee.
If you have a specific requirement  and you cannot find what you are looking for, please call us!
They can be painted over or just stained and varnished… or we can add some special cladding to match the look and feel of your existing house.

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