This fantastic Skylight Shed 4x6 from Palram is a very clever addition to any outside space, providing you amazing value and a long lasting storage solution. Constructed from high quality pressure treated timber, the Lechlade summerhouse carries a 15 year manufacturer guarantee against rot and fungal decay. Our professional installation team are on hand to build your new garden shed for you whilst you sit back and relax.We aim to install your new garden product within seven working days after you receive delivery. These fantastic rectangular planters allow you to create a garden flower arrangement in any part of the garden.
Handy small square planters give you your own space to grow your flower arrangements in the garden. With 12mm Shiplap cladding you can be sure that the Witney Summerhouse will be extremely durable and robust whilst creating a real feature in your outdoor space. Whatever you chose to store inside the shed whether it be tools, garden furniture or other bits, they will be safe from intruders and the dreaded weather!
7mm Overlap cladding has been used, giving a durable structure and a lovely rustic aesthetic. Please note - Our Installation Service is not available to all areas; please refer to our installation page for details. Constructed from premium materials ensures that you have long lasting design that is both attractive and great value for money Manufactured from pressure treated softwood which would ensure 15 years guarantee against all rot.

Suitable for anywhere in the garden whether that be the decking or patio, it will light up anywhere beautifully. The Skylight Shed 4x6 is manufactured to a very high standard, Palram sourcing long lasting materials to create your shed. Double doors with a long window either side have been designed using styrene glazing, a safer alternative to glass, allowing light to flood the space.The apex roof and mineral felt allow rain to run off smoothly and the extra height adds to the deceptively spacious interior. IMPORTANT - Please ensure that a suitable base is prepared for your new garden building prior to installation. Stands off the ground so no pests can damage your arrangements and allows rain water to drain off.
Pressure treated for a longer life, these planters are built to stand the test of timeManufactured from premium slowgrown soft wood which has been pressure treated, creating a 15 year rot free guarantee.
The walls, flooring and roof are all made from a very strong polycarbonate, a plastic that is virtually unbreakable. The base must be firm and level, and must be a minimum of the size of the floor of the building. The polycarbonate is fitted to the robust aluminium frame that provides the shed with its core strength and keeps it standing in even the harshest of winds.
The great thing about the shed is that it requires very little maintenance in order to keep the shed in good condition.

The polycarbonate obviously cannot rot or rust as a standard timber or metal shed and is completely UV protected meaning it will not crack or discolour. The flooring even has a clever anti-slip matt that will prevent items from moving or falling over inside.
The door opens outwards thanks to the stainless steel hinges and when it comes to storing wheeled items, a handy fold out ramp is available to make it easier for storage. The shed has a ventilation system that prevents any foul smells from forming and provides you with fresh airflow inside the shed. The Skylight roofing system is very clever in regards that you need no lighting inside the shed as light can flow through the roof. Once delivered you can start to assemble the Skylight Shed 4x6 instantly and thanks to the design it is a very simple task, taking under an hour to complete.

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