The Classic range of kennels is manufactured to exacting standards using only premium materials. Strictly speaking, these items should be classified along with road kerbs, as they are specified and described in the same British Standard and are laid in the same manner. There are dozens, scores, possibly hundreds of different decorative edgings that are on sale throughout Britain and Ireland. Although they should be laid on a concrete bed when used to restrain paving, if they are being used in a garden, with no vehicular loading, they could be laid directly on earth, or on a minimal bed of sand and cement. The following is a gallery of the more popular decorative edgings available from most Builders' Merchants, DIY Sheds, or Garden Centres. Clay edging tiles were popular from the mid 19th Century up until the mid 20th century, but nowadays, there are very few manufacturers and the main source of these charming items are the architectural salvage yards. They are usually 9" (225mm) in length, and 6" (150mm) deep, but there is a good deal of variation, in size, as well as in colour, finish and pattern. Traditionally, they were used as simple path or garden bed edgings and would be laid directly into the soil, with more soil packed behind to hold them in place. Some of the alternative edgings for block paving can be used quite successfully as garden, lawn or paving edgings, and a Sawtooth Edging is a simple and effective option for gardens and patios. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Garden Sheds Galore has been servicing the greater Melbourne area and beyond for over 25 years.

The Playstation comes standard with Sandpit underneath, picket safety panels and a strong waterproof PVC deck cover. Steel buildings kits and metal building at discount prices are used as storage, garages, carports, agricultural steel buildings, pole barns, workshops, homes. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The vast majority are manufactured from naturally-coloured (manufacturer-speak for plain, boring, concrete-grey) wet-pressed concrete, although some of the 'Round-Tops' are manufactured from cast, vibrated concrete and are not quite as tough as their wet-press cousins. The flat tops and the bull-nosed profiles are the most popular for use on public footpaths, while the round tops are more often seen on private tarmac driveways, often 'white-washed' with lime for some reason that escapes me. In most situations, the 150mm depth are adequate, although the 200mm versions are often specified when an upstand is required. Some are pressed, most are cast, and many of them are only 600mm in length or even less, making them easier to handle for the diy'er and weekend gardener. Some of the more popular designs, such as the Rope Top (aka Barley Twist) are now replicated in concrete, but nothing can match the authenticity and period feel of the original glazed tiles. Some patterns are unique to a specific region - in some cases, to a particular town, as they were manufactured in local brick kilns and would not have been transported more than 10 or 20 miles. Nowadays, they may be used as true retaining structures and when used to contain a driveway of patio, they should be laid on and haunched with a concrete. They have become more widely used with the growth in popularity of clay brick paving, which they are made to complement.

Although they are sometimes laid butt-jointed, they often look better with a tooled mortar joint. So if you are after a timber or steel shed, you can select from our huge range of styles, colours and sizes. All need to be laid on a full concrete bed and haunched with concrete, as described on the Laying on Concrete page. The 250mm edgings are rarely used, their use being restricted to those situations where 100mm or so of upstand is required or there is a need to provide a deep root barrier.
Use of a dry-mix concrete ensures they don't become irretrievably bonded to the concrete and can therefore be salvaged and re-used again at some future date. If you can't find what you are looking for Garden Sheds Galore can customise a shed for you. These quality tables are made from GRC, (Glass Reinfoced Cement), a strong, durable and light weight blend of fibreglass and cement. One of Melbourne's largest displays of Garden Sheds, Workshops, Studio's, Cubby houses, Aviaries, Dog Kennels and other outdoor products.
Come visit our display yard, where you see and feel the quality and talk to an expert about your Shed or Cubby needs.

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