Best describe the type - use for your building all building can be modified to your requirements. My shed is bespoke, built to my design and constructed by local Devon farmer Basil Colville Hyde. Here we have a selection of Garden Sheds to give you an idea of what we do, but more importantly we can make you exactly the garden shed you want.
The Surrey Garden Sheds are a range of ‘set sized’ off the shelf,  we can stock those most popular sizes.
The Super Sheds are our flagship range which are Bespoke, this offers a host of variations to ensure you maximise whatever space and access you have. Your Shed The Way You Want It.

Enjoy the benefits of a Summerhouse all year round with our Chilworth Summerhouse which includes a Veranda, the Abinger Summerhouse models has no veranda. Although there is a huge offering of shapes and sizes, often is the case that your needs require Garden Sheds tailored to your space and design. This is a very well built shed completely made from pressure treated materials meaning no need to paint for protection. It comes with a stable door as standard for ventilation and a sturdy workbench beneath the sun trapping glass, an excellent alternative to a greenhouse. We can design these to fit your needs, add a partitioned room for a workshop or store room etc.

It overlooks the vegetable patch which is handy for watching the seedlings growing and popping out to pick raspberries in summer.

6 inch wood furniture legs
Menards outside storage cabinets

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