ABBEYLAWN GARDEN SHEDSA are nailed not stapled they featureA Toughglass, which is a newsafety feature they also come with Galvanised hardware, heavy duty felt and Tongued and grooved doors.
The Standard has a simple yet stylish look with the door set at the gable end and one side window.  It remains today the most popular of our Garden Shed range! All the exterior timber used around this shed is pressure treated spruce, a very durable timber which we sourced from Scandinavia.

White Spruce is a slow growing 1st grade timber, ideal for Irish weather conditions, and is exceptionally durable. It's uncomplicated design has stood the test of time and we make them today very much as we did back in 1968. The Standard style is available in Rustic, Glenealy and Pressure Treated (Barrel Board) finishes.

All the side boards are shiplap jointed, while the roof and floor boards are kiln dried tongued and grooved.

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