Beast Sheds are the leading source for high quality, durable garden sheds in Kings Lynn and the surrounding areas.
Here at Beast Sheds, we can help you to transform the dynamic of your Kings Lynn garden with one of our fantastic garden sheds, built by hand by our trained craftsmen to ensure that they meet all of your requirements.
When it comes to the best garden sheds in Kings Lynn, wooden sheds that deliver high quality craftsmanship and excellent value for money, Beast Sheds are second to none.
14 Aug 2000 Wooden Sheds Cabins And Log Homes Heartland Sheds ?? Tuff Sheds ?? CT Skyline Sheds & Fencing ?? USA Summerwood Garden Sheds,Gazebos One such company, Tuff Shed , highly advertised in the west and midwest, As discussed above, Bear Creek Lumber will sell it's mini cabins as a pre-fab Where available, cabin shells are covered by a 1-Year Limited Warranty on material defects and workmanship.
When it comes to the quality of the products in your company supply chain, it pays not to take your eye off the ball!
So there it was, a good example of how a reputation takes years to build and just minutes to destroy!! The suppliers in question asserted that as a large US company with a global business, rust is a non issue.
We have persistently strived to rebuild our reputation by welcoming quality steel sheds like the CANBERRA and EMERALD in 2007. We have been delighted to observe that our discerning customers are indeed returning to us in order to receive our usual high level of quality and customer service. In the East Lindsey district of Lincolnshire sits one of the top holiday destinations in the UK. Butlins at Skegness, boasts a new phenomenally sized, seaside themed Splash Waterworld with a carefully designed variety of thrilling multi activity features.
The seaport and market town of Kings Lynn, is in the county of Norfolk on the East coast, and is home to the Royal West Norfolk Golf Club, [also known as Brancaster]. Our wonderful collection of tantalised wooden sheds are some of the best in Kings Lynn, with each and everyone being hand-built by our expert craftsmen, so you can be sure that when you invest in one of our garden sheds, you will be getting a wooden shed that is of the highest standard.

Whether you would like a garden shed in which to store your garden tools and accessories, or you are looking for a tantalised wooden shed that you and your family can use as a place of relaxation during those tranquil summer evenings. Please feel free to take a look through our complete collection of tantalised wooden sheds by using the links provided to find out more.
We realised this some years ago when the supplier of a significant number of our light clad metal sheds, changed the source of production of their steel. If supply of hot-dipped galvanised steel was still a requirement for us, we would need to pay a surcharge for the privilege! Some of the well known larger retailers continue to offer electro-galvanised sheds, and their customers are perturbed to find them rusting rapidly. An incredible amount of our customers are located in Chichester Harbour, the Isle of Wight, Skegness Sands and other East coast areas. Skegness, is a seaside town boasting a wealth of holiday activities and things to do, and to the North of Skegness at Ingoldmells you will find the site of the first holiday camp in the UK, Butlins. These include wave machines, high cargo netted walkways, disco music, high adrenalin flumes with digital speedometers, outdoor rapids, splash fountains, caves and a toddler rock pool. A historic favourite of royalty since 1892, the curious fact about this links course is that due to its proximity to the North Norfolk coastal beach, some of the holes are affected during high tide.
As a result, the enviable reputation we had built at SM Garden Sheds, was temporarily damaged.
Our vans will once again be seen all around the North West coast from North Wales to Morecambe Bay and beyond. The camp was started in 1936 by Billy Butlin, and still attracts thousands of visitors, even during the low season with its additional music weekend events. In the story, published in 1913, the whole family were in joyful anticipation of the holiday in a cottage at Mablethorpe.

We discovered that the newly implemented steel was electro-galvanised, which made them vulnerable to rusting, especially when they were located near the coast. Another winner is our recently included LOTUS range of garden sheds, presenting an excellent product with a choice of sizes and some impressive improvements, not to mention the attractive price. The whole Skegness coastline is a thriving location for caravan holidays and breaks, and many people own properties here allowing them to regularly get away from it all. There are still holiday cottages as well as caravans in the vicinity and favourite attractions include an award winning beach and fairground.
These factors do not seem to discourage golf loving visitors though, particularly those seeking a challenge. Although the 10 year anti-rust, non perforation warranty still stood, customers were not pleased when their new outdoor storage buildings began to rust within months of being assembled. Whatever type of holiday you prefer, whether quiet and relaxing or exciting and fun filled, Skegness has the answer. The sand train at Mablethorpe is a much loved aspect of the beach experience here, as the brightly coloured carriages ferry people up and down the beach.
The rot set in, in more ways than one and customers we had had for around 20 years went elsewhere in droves, fast enough to leave Lewis Hamilton standing in his formula one racing car!

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