If you're new here, please sign up to our Blog to get news and special offers delivered to your inbox, you may also like to sign up to our RSS feed. Three Counties are having a massive ex-display model sale at their leisure building showroom in Crews Hill. Almost everything on show is up for sale at massively reduced prices – buy as seen from 20% off the normal retail prices. Buildings on sale include wooden garages and concrete garages, greenhouses, children’s playhouses, sheds, summerhouses, arches and arbours and a thatched African beach hut. Collect and customer installs themselves – this option is attracting even better discounts. Call Three Counties on 0208 366 75 34 or email the showroom for more details and the latest discount options.
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Please be warned that due to lack of standardisation and community support, IE6 is not suitable for viewing this website. All our sheds are made to order, you will not be getting something from a stock room that has been left in storage for weeks. Don't forget where you got your shed from when you become the next James Dyson or Trevor Baylis!
Welcome to Garden Sheds for sale, we also specalise in manufacturing Summer Houses For Sale, we will also deliver anywhere in Swansea South Wales for free. The essex sheds quality construction of this high value shed makes it ideal for storage of bicycles, BBQs and general garden items.This Overlap Apex Shed offers a rustic look at a lower cost to the shiplap style this shed will compliment any garden.

With its rustic Wooden Overlap constuction they are ideal for the back Garden or allotment. The manufacturer will contact you directly to arrange delivery of this item, please note delivery is to UK mainland and Kerbside delivery only.
With the double doors you will find it very easy to get the bigger items in the Essex Shed. With two styreene windows all fixed will let the light flood into the shed and making it much easier to see.

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