Included as standard in all our Garden sheds -- Fully pressure Garden Sheds treated sub-frame base allowing for increased stability. The image off the garden shed as a sanctuary for men may no longer be an accurate representation of its role in modern home life.
This garden blog has been created for regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, images and videos of anything related with the garden and in particular garden sheds. Sub -frame ensures there is no unsightly gaps under the structure, if placed on a prepared level surface-- All garden sheds exterior walls consist of pressure treated shiplap cladding (tongue and groove) which extends the life of your shed thus requiring minimal maintenance-- Each garden shed is lined throughout and has the addition of a specialised non-drip roof liner-- Garden Sheds Windows are constructed with safety glaze-- All our fittings i.e.
Until recently, the general consensus was that a shed is a testosterone fuelled environment, a place where men can escape to without distractions. In-law evasion could be coming to an end as the deafening sound of the wood saw is silenced, and no longer drowns out the exasperated call of a distant wife.

While the western world has until now regarded the garden shed as a primarily male dominated environment, in other cultures it would seem that this sacred right of men has always been absent.
Here in this remote community you will encounter a collection of sheds, constructed entirely with one purpose in mind; to accommodate the women.
Please feel free to comment and share any information you find on this informative blog and we will do our upmost to update and maintain on a regular basis. Consumer trends show that the days when men were free to retreat to the garden shed and potter about as they pleased are numbered. In India for example, you may stumble across a rather more alternative (if not a little disturbing) use of the garden shed.
No more will a shed be an exclusive zone where men can refine their carpentry skills on a job that probably isn’t worth the invested time and effort.

Now, whilst at first this may seem reasonable, upon further thought, using a shed to shut a woman away for five days may be extending its versatility a little too far. However in this same village it would not be considered unusual for a woman to go through all the traumas of labour with nothing but the humble comforts of these rudimentary shacks. Nonetheless, this tradition, locally known as Poyyalamman, is a highly cherished and respected part of life; here the women voluntarily enter into this form of confinement with the firm beliefs that they are partaking in a prestigious ritual.
It would seem that here, the infiltration of women into the world of the garden shed has been taken to an entirely different level.

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