The wooden garden shed is becoming a more and more popular product in everybody’s garden. Wooden garden sheds belonging to F.lli Aquilani Outdoor line are delivered in pre-assembled panels, very easy to install.
All the sheds made by F.lli Aquilani are extremely easy to assemble and place if compared to others available in the world.
The results of this comparison will hopefully help in you choosing the shed that best fits your needing.

We suggest this product to everyone that wants to create a room to care of hobbies and passions such as music, reading, painting, bricolage etc.etc. Floor is included in all models and top Made in Italy quality will make you the happiest customer ever!
Its strong fiber allows the pressure treatment to be very efficient and extend the longevity of the shed.
Almost all the models come with a double door which can be extremely useful in case you need to store bigger garden equipments or furniture.

The door has a chassis very similar to home ones and comes with a special regulation tool that can fix, move and regulate the door in two different directions! All the wooden garden sheds made by F.lli Aquilani can be ordered with a front or side porch as an optional.

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