Garden State Plaza drew much business from nearby New York towns and cities, whose shoppers wandered across state lines to take advantage of New Jersey's lower sales taxes and its policy that exempted clothing purchases from sales tax.
In the late 1980s, the mall added a new lower level by converting a former basement truck tunnel into regular retail. In 2013, the mall rebuilt the east parking garage, expanding it to five levels and 1,800 parking spaces.
Due to highly restrictive blue laws in effect in Bergen County and more restrictive limitations in place in Paramus, Westfield Garden State Plaza is completely closed on Sundays, except for some of the restaurants and the movie theater, all of which have special Sunday entrances. Of the eight buses that serve Westfield Garden State Plaza, the 707, 709, 756, and 758 does not provide service on Sundays. On November 4, 2013, 20-year-old Richard Shoop fired multiple shots near the Nordstrom store in the mall. Westfield Garden State Plaza has inked deals with Burberry, Ferragamo, Hugo Boss, Longchamp, Versace and Michael Kors in a bid to become the premier luxury destination in New Jersey.
The new stores will help the Paramus-based mall better contend with luxury powerhouses like Short Hills Mall to the west, and may give it the upper hand for courting New Yorkers enticed by the promise of tax-free shopping.
The fashion district was unveiled alongside a new parking facility featuring Park Assist technology, a guest services desk, lounge seating, flat screen TV’s, complimentary WiFi and modernized restrooms. In addition to the array of brands, a new sushi restaurant will join the mall’s extensive food options.

Also, more than 40 brands across price points entered the mall in the past year, solidifying the mall’s status as a destination worthy of exploration. Shopping tourism is growing, but to best reach these potential consumers, fashion brands and retailers should begin marketing to them before they leave their home country, according to a report from Fashionbi.
Just as travelers heavily research hotels, restaurants, sites and entertainment before embarking on a trip, they are also using online media to plan their shopping excursions. For instance, retail real estate owner Simon Property Group is looking to purchase its competitor, Macerich Co. Simon Property Group, the owner of Aventura Mall in Miami and King of Prussia mall in Philadelphia among others, has made several purchases in the past few years in attempts to expand the brand’s presence in the United States and across the world. Westfield’s view of the future can be measured by its heavy investment at the World Trade Center in New York. Westfield Garden State Plaza's parking lot is accessible, on Sundays, only from the Route 4 and Route 17 access points. Customers and employees were evacuated immediately from the mall premises shortly after the shots fired and the mall was on lockdown for hours.
You may redistribute it, verbatim or modified, providing that you comply with the terms of the GFDL. Malls and shopping centers such as Westfield Garden State are ideal for consumers looking to immerse themselves in a day of shopping, and some well-run players, despite frequent omens of doom, have stayed in strong financial shape.

Brands should ensure they are catering to their potential international clientele with Web sites in their native languages and social accounts on the platforms popular in different markets (see story). His beats are arts and entertainment, automotive, healthcare, real estate, sports and travel and hospitality. A year later, the mall added a 55,000 square foot wing at a cost of $160 million known as the "Fashion District" that has 22 stores and restaurants.[20][21] Tenants in the Fashion District include Microsoft Store, Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, Michael Kors, LUSH, Armani Exchange, Au Bon Pain, and Urban Outfitters. The carousel closed in 2016 and was removed so that the mall could use that space for The Bergen Performing Arts Center to give performances and shows. During the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, he suspended the blue law forcing it to be open on Sunday, November 4, 2012 for those severely affected by the hurricane. Kids play on them while adults use the more practical, non-moving staircases to the left and right." Archived December 11, 2010, at the Wayback Machine.

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