Classmate Profiles In Memory The Photo Album Memorabilia OLD Class Pictures Sports History Athletic Hall of Fame Other Than Sports! Paramus mall shooting: Ricarhd Shoop, 20, found dead of self-inflicted gunshot inside Westfield Garden State Plaza. What began with panic-inducing reports of gunfire at New Jersey's largest mall on Monday night ended early Tuesday morning with police finding the body of the suspected gunman, a 20-year-old New Jersey man who appears to have taken his own life inside the complex.
According to Molinelli, Shoop had gone to the mall with the intention of dying, either through suicide or being shot by police. Police said the weapon, which was modified to look like an AK-47 assault rifle, was legally owned by Shoop's brother, and that the 20-year-old had taken it without permission.

Dressed in black and wearing a motorcycle helmet, Shoop allegedly fired six shots from a .22-caliber assault-style rifle, sending customers and employees rushing for cover and prompting a massive police response to the scene.
He said they did not believe Shoop had any intention to hurt anyone else, noting that several witnesses said he had the opportunity to kill them, but that he never raised his rifle against them. Authorities have found no record of Shoop being employed at the mall, and are still trying to piece together why he went there.
Hours later, authorities found Shoop's body in a non-retail area of the mall where construction materials were being stored. Non manca il riscaldamento grazie ad una stufa a legna capace di riscaldare l’intera casetta in breve tempo.

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