This robust rustic wooden storage box can provide indispensable storage for indoors and out.
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The product is very good, but as mentioned in a few of the other reviews the interior is surprisingly small compared to the outside dimensions.
My husband fixed it by tapping it down as easier than returning but if it was smaller it would have been returned. I knew this in advance so not a complaint and the larger model would have taken up too much room. The outer height is measured from the bottom of the foot to the top of the unit, from it's highest point (the back).
The inner width dimension is 67cm therefore unfortunately this would not be large enough for this size spade.
Would there be a way to attach some sort of lock so that parcels could be left securely inside?

A hole could be drilled through the zinc top and the wood so that a padlock could be inserted. I was just about to order the outside storage box with the free delivery offer but see it is out of stock , is it possible to place and pay for the box now and still have the offer?
Why is it that as soon as you have a free delivery offer this item suddenly becomes out of stock?
Our free delivery offer started on Friday 26th April and between this date and yesterday 5 were sold and they then went out of stock.
We measure from this point so our customers know the maximum amount of room they need to allow for.
Unfortunately, all offers are subject to stock availability and cannot be applied to back orders therefore we are unable to apply this to the Storage Box. Unfortunately, we cannot always plan our promotions around stock levels as they are constantly changing.
All we ask is that you return the goods in all their original packaging and condition, including the outer box and in a re sell-able condition.

The reasons for the inner dimensions being less are because the roof is sloped making the inner height lower, and the box is also raised from the floor giving less room inside. We are not able to issue refunds for goods that are not returned in a re sell-able condition. Ours opens against a brick wall so I've put a safety stopper on the wall to prevent the lid from being scratched when resting against it.
Read LessThis robust rustic wooden storage box can provide indispensable storage for indoors and out.

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