Imagine a bright sunny day, doors open, views of rolling hills - our client's yoga class sounds very appealing doesn't it! The room was constructed in the winter months so installations can truly be all-year-round! Even with meters of snow, we ploughed our way through to ensure our clients were happy and that construction was complete. Ella Titman, a yoga practitioner and teacher relocated from London to a small town in mid-Wales drawn to its breath-taking scenery.
Lots of space to practise was the main requirement with a simple interior that would balance the beauty of the natural world.
The decision to choose Green Studios was made prior to her first consultation due to its significantly superior standards, the availability of in-depth technical information, its reputation and strong ethical viewpoint.
For our nature loving client, Green Studio’s was the perfect solution to build her garden studio which faces north and provides an essential view of local scenic hills and mountains. This feature enhances the relaxing and meditative experience and the style, shape and position of the studio were all carefully considered to create synergies between the space and the external environment. With an upcoming summer house exhibition at Serpentine Pavilion - Hyde Park, summer houses will have their day in the sun!
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The Garden Studios have been developed by Julia and Paul in the spacious gardens of their property in North Allington.

The Garden Studios offers 3 areas, a yoga and movement space, also used for art exhibitions and training courses, meditation and day events.
Self contained accommodation, chalet style attached to the outbuildings of our rope makers cottage.
The Garden Studios were developed from a converted 1800’s stable in the gardens of the rope makers cottages of North Allington. The Garden Studio chalet is self contained with a comfortable seaside feel and is at the upper end of the property close to the cottages, with a private decked area, perfect for 2.
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Of all the backyard landscaping features, charming cottages and small sheds are probably the best way of extending your home.
Remember to always match the design of your backyard landscaping features with the design of your home. She also wished to continue her journey of self-discovery and dreamed of creating an outdoor space that would channel this naturally calming energy and inspire her work. This private and discreet outdoor space would be the perfect solution for Mrs Titman to engage her passion for yoga and share it with others. Ideal for an activity break or relaxing retreat or a few days enjoying the Dorset coast and countryside. The stable building converted to a yoga and training space and also a therapy room which retains many of the original features whilst offering comfort and luxury accommodation.
Who wouldn’t prefer working on a laptop, playing music or perhaps cooking in a small cozy space in the middle of the garden? Perhaps it brings back sweet memories and represents the ultimate backyard design to create a picture perfect, a piece of heaven.

It’s the best way of taking advantage of the wonderful natural environment in your backyard, without having to leave your work or hobbies behind.
White frames, large windows and some climbing roses are the perfect recipe for such a design.
They are perfect for spending a wonderful evening playing cards or talking to your best friends. Contemporary designed cottages and sheds are just as amazing and moreover, most of them are prefabricated so it’s very easy to install one. The Garden Studios allow a variety of activities , training and classes to happen in tranquil surroundings in the heart of Bridport town.
How cool would it be to be able to watch a movie or play video games under the clear night sky? But you can create one that serves a big purpose like a place to do early gymnastics or yoga or set up a small workshop. If you wish to dedicate your time to taking care of your priceless backyard, you’ll need a place closer to plants and hedges to do your work.
Instead of building an inexpressive storage room, think about going for one of these they are much more appealing.

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