Accommodation Large comfortable sunny north facing Apartments and Studios, all of a high standard and providing sleeping for one to seven people.
Like to let your hens free range but want to keep them out of your garage & off the vege garden? This Poultry Net Fencing is a great, easy to set-up & move solution that comes complete with posts and extra ground pegs.

Easy to use - the ground posts have 2 prongs on them so you can stand on them to secure them into the ground. As one of the year’s first garden shows, it will be very interesting to see whether these trends show up at Ellerslie NZ later this month, the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show and Canada Blooms in March, or the Chelsea Flower Show in May.
The high-quality show gardens (21 this year) are always a highlight, and it’s very interesting to follow what are the latest landscape design trends in the USA.

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