Before both feet were in the door, I knew we were in for a treat at the Dave Mungenast Classic Motorcycles Museum in St. Motorcycle buffs and racing fans should look into the history of Dave Mungenast (mung-guh-nast). Though the museum’s patriarch has passed on, Dave Burst and Dave Larsen open the doors three days a week to let folks wander the rows of noteworthy bikes and well-preserved paraphernalia.
Now, look through these pics and read the captions, but go see ’em in person and shake the hands of the guys who are keeping this collection open to the public. Mungenast Museum has not one, but two incredibly restored Indian Board Track Racers from 1912. We find joy in knowing this 1957 Ariel Square Four 1000cc, though skinned up, was well-used as intended. The line-up of non big-four dirtbikes is plentiful at the museum, like Husqvarna, OSSA, Penton, Cagiva, Hodaka, Rokon, and more.
Well, does that make you wanna stop in to the Dave Mungenast Classic Motorcycles Museum in St. Fantastic photo’s, wished I had of known about this place before my last visit to the states, sorry I missed it! I remember buying my first bike from Dave in 1968 and another to follow a year later or so. Fairmount, a small town in Central Indiana hosts the annual James Dean Festival, where its big Car Show draws many killer old vehicles.

Of course, we set out to find some bikes and found a handful of quality classics in restored and original condition. Pitted chrome, oxidized paint and scars from years on the road, this is how we like ’em. Around 3,000 people live in Fairmount, including some family of the Rebel Without a Cause himself. The residents prepare for the large influx of people attending the James Dean Festival on the last full weekend in September. Most of the cars look like they were driven in and many of ’em were oozing with character. While there were plenty of 40s and 50s classics present, we found a strong contingent of American muscle cars. So if you find yourself in Central Indiana in late September and you have a penchant for old cars and chrome, it’s worth a drive over to Fairmount for the James Dean Festival car show. Word is, they’re expanding the museum and planning on filling up a neighboring building with more bikes and cool old cars.
Take your kids with you (ahem, if they’re well-behaved) or take your father with you while you still can. Harley-Davidsons, Indians, a BMW and a few other oldies were set up under a tent and attracting a crowd. After some time spent circling these great bikes, we moved on to the fins, grilles, white walls, chopped tops, and candy paint jobs of the cars and trucks that showed up in droves.

Along with the custom and hot rod car show, the event includes a parade, street fair, carnival rides, concerts, dance contest and James Dean look-alike contest. We will be back, much earlier this time, so we can absorb even more of the motorcycle nostalgia born from the legacy of Mr.
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If you are a buff of vintage motorcycles, motor scooters and motorbikes, don’t miss this golden experience to visit. There are old photographs everywhere you look, showing Dave’s deep-rooted involvement in motorcycle sales and racing. The museum was once a car dealership as far back as the 20s with Terrazzo floors up front and slick-troweled concrete in the back. There were pans of kitty litter catching oil under several bikes and, though some are pristine, many of the classics looked like you could hop on, kick ’em over and ride away. The old signs, posters, advertising and photos on the wall made the overall atmosphere more appealing and inviting. It seemed the bikes were awaiting their next ride rather than being held prisoner behind velvet ropes.

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