Siberian or Arctic Huskies were used for centuries to pull sleds by the Chukchi and possibly the Koryak and Kamchadal peoples of Siberia.
SummaryWhich Dog Breed is Right for you?Maintenance: The Alaskan Malamute will be easier to maintain.
I was fortunate to have a large Mal, 130 lbs, very stubborn but a huge lover, and very friendly, altho he didn't appear that way, except to women. PetBreeds has compiled the latest data from Animal Planet and other sources to present the best gentle giant dog breeds.
To measure a breed’s suitability for travel, PetBreeds created an index that favored small size, obedience and sociability to identify the 25 travel breeds. PetBreeds looked at the costs for various dog-related expenses to prep owners on the financials of owning a dog. There's nothing wrong with an affectionate lap dog, but some dog lovers simply prefer the big, hulking breeds. PetBreeds identified 21 dog breeds that have more followers, likes and even earn more than many Americans.
A dog is a man's best friend, and should be treated with toys that keep him happy and healthy. The breed standard calls for the Rottweiler calls for it to be compact, muscular, with a medium to large body that enable him to efficiently do what he was bred to do; pull carts, herd stock for the farmer, and assist the policemen in their quest to "catch the bad guy".
The Siberian Husky is the fastest, most enduring and most versatile of all purebred sled dogs. A natural monument in Japan, the Akita's proud heritage includes hunting large game such as bear, elk, and boar.
Bernese Mountain Dogs ("Berners") are working dogs with origins in the farm areas of Switzerland and named for the Canton of Bern. The Boxer is a highly intelligent, medium-sized square dog with clean lines and balanced proportions. The Doberman Pinscher is best described as "an elegant athlete in a tight-fitting wrapper." This square, compact and muscular dog gives the immediate impression of grace, beauty and nobility, while at the same time being energetic and fearless.
Developed as a drover's dog, the Giant Schnauzer was practically unknown outside of Bavaria until the early 1900s. The Great Pyrenees is a large, principally white, guardian dog used since 3000 BC by Pyrenees Mountains shepherds in Southwestern Europe.
The present day Kuvasz developed in Hungary where the breed served as a guard to royalty in the 1400s, prior to becoming popular as a livestock guardian.
The Portuguese fisherman prized this seafaring breed for their spirited yet obedient nature.
The Standard is the oldest of the three Schnauzer breeds, originating in Bavaria in the 15th century. Within the Saint Bernard standard the words "powerful", "muscular", "strong" or "strongly developed" are often repeated. They are very playful yet relaxed and very sociable when it comes to other dogs, which makes them a great jogging companion. He loves other dogs even strangers, he's a little scardy-cat around strangers but not kids! Great dog for a farmer or logger in the North, as they love the outdoors and pickup trucks. The Rottweiler has a short, docked tail and the only acceptable color is solid black base color with rust to tan markings. He is extremely affectionate, even clownish, but is also independent and sometimes head-strong. The Great Dane was developed in Germany to hunt wild boar, and was known as the Boar Hound when it appeared in America late in the 19th century. This powerful and dignified member of the Working Group is renowned for courage and loyalty, but may not be tolerant of other animals.
Their place in the history and culture of Northern Natives is the same as the horse to Western Americans.
This is a true "thinking" dog, independent and capable of evaluating a situation to determine the appropriate response. Historically, Berners were used as general purpose farm dogs for their large, hardy frames and their calm-natured, people-oriented temperaments made them ideal for driving cattle, pulling carts to market, watching the farm and being farmers' companions.
He was refined and bred from ancestors in Germany called Bullenbeisers--historically used to run down and hold large, formidable game animals--bear and boar. Bred to be a guard dog, the breed is known for its intelligence, strength and trustworthiness, traits which make for a dependable family companion and protector. It originated in Germany from Standard Schnauzer roots, and is itself included in the origins of the Doberman Pinscher.
The breeds keen intelligence and powerful body also made it a fine choice for police and guard work in Germany.

Traditionally a peasant's dog, they found favor in the royal court of Louis XIV and as elegant guardian of many grand French chateaux. He is thought to have descended from the Russian Owtcharka and was introduced in Hungary by the invading Magyars. Today's AKC breed standard describes the characteristics required of a dog whose function is to protect its flock and drive off predators: large, moderately boned, sturdily built, well muscled, not bulky or lethargic. History traces the Mastiff to the 7th century BC with stories of their use in the Coliseum, protecting knights in the crusades, and guarding castles and manor houses. In his native Newfoundland, he was used as a working dog to pull nets for the fishermen and haul wood.
A robust dog of medium build, the Portuguese Water Dog can complete a full day's work in or out of the water. Highly intelligent, this medium sized, sturdy dog was the working companion of the common man, a drover's dog, rat catcher and guardian.
Fur traders first brought them to Alaska in 1909, and continued for the next two decades until the Soviet Union closed the border in 1930. Growth requires proper nutrition and these dog breeds will need approximately 3 to 4 cups of dry dog food daily.Visual is representative of large dogs' adult size at 12 months. The Malamute is large, independent, intelligent, needs lots of exercise, and has a mind of its own.Furthermore, if you turn your back, they are off and running. While intimidating in size and stature, this is a breed noted for its gentleness and "human-like" compassion. They are a "freight dog", and their ability to function as sledge dog doing heavy freighting in the Arctic is most important. They are highly intelligent, large, extremely fast and agile, powerful, determined, instinctively protective of their charges and very territorial. This is not a breed for everyone and every dog possesses individual strengths and weaknesses.
German Pinschers are a medium-sized (17"-20"), short coated, strong-willed, robust breed with a strong prey drive. During the 1930s, the first Giant Schnauzers were imported to the United States but it was truly a rare breed until the 1960s. Renowned for their ancient instincts and ability to determine friend from foe they are still prized as guardians.
It is a heavy-boned and well-muscled dog which, in spite of its size and weight, is agile enough to perform the all-purpose farm duties of the mountainous regions of its origin.
Firm slimness of body and sufficient angulation are needed for endurance and desired light-footed, free and elastic movement. Although almost extinct in England after World War II, with the help of American and Canadian breeders they have been saved. The oily nature of his heavy double coat, his webbed feet, his deep, broad chest and well-sprung ribs make him a natural swimmer with true life-saving instincts. The Saint Bernard must be capable of performing his historical tasks as a companion, draft, rescue, and guard dog thus requiring not only structural strength but just as importantly, strength of character. Siberian Huskies were used for draught work, but also excelled in racing, being smaller and lighter than other dogs then in general use. Known to be multi-talented, the Alaskan Malamute participates in a wide variety of activities such as carting, search and rescue, sled racing, sledding, and weight pulling.The Chow Chow is a large purebred known for being aggressive, alert, detached, independent, intelligent, loyal, protective, and quiet. They make excellent family dogs Its impressive size, family devotion and gentle nature combine to create a first-rate companion. Malamutes are suitable for activities like backpacking, skijouring and weight pulling, as well as pulling sleds.
Before you decide to make a Berner part of your family thoroughly research the breed, talk to reputable breeders and knowledgeable owners, and get to know some of the dogs themselves. Gamekeepers and breeders crossed Mastiffs and Bulldogs to create the Bullmastiff, which they then used effectively to deter poaching on large estates in England. A spectacular Doberman Pinscher sculpture, "Always Faithful," a tribute to war dogs and veterinarians, is on permanent display at the U.S. Over the years the Giant Schnauzer has shown outstanding abilities in search and rescue, schutzhund, conformation, obedience and agility thus earning the reputation as a handsome, intelligent and truly versatile working dog. Today the Swissy is primarily a family dog, though the working dog aptitude remains strong. Coat is white, of medium coarseness and length over the body, with short smooth hair on the head and feet. Today they serve as faithful family companions and home protectors, preferring to be with a child or family member rather than sleeping along.
His unique gentleness, even temper and devotion make him an ideal companion for child or adult. Two coat types, either curly or wavy, and two clips, either retriever or lion clip, distinguish this highly intelligent, utilitarian breed.

Neither the tallest nor heaviest of breeds, he is a powerful dog whose soundness of body and mind are evident at first glance.
The breed’s hour of glory came in 1925, when it helped carry diphtheria serum across Alaska in record time in the “Great Race of Mercy”, saving the city of Nome from an epidemic. They also come with variety of colors like brown, gray, sable, black, and white, red and white, and many more. When he was smaller he used to growl when my kids came to close while he was eating so I took his food away and gave it back after a few minutes he hasn't growled at anyone since and my kids can even take his food out of his mouth now and feed it to him by hand! My purebred Malamute was a rescue, with seven owners in nine months, and still, at age ten, suffers from some remnants of his separation anxiety.Malamute owners need to be aware that Thyroid problems are routine for this breed.
Highly intelligent with keen sense of humor, the Akita responds best to respectful commands and training techniques that rely on motivation rather than force. They make an excellent companion with proper socialization and obedience training, as well as an owner who is always in charge.
Today's Bullmastiffs are fawn, red, or brindle, with black masking and short, wrinkled muzzles. War Dog Cemetery in Guam, at the Quantico Marine Corps Research Center in Virginia, at the University of Tennessee Veterinary School, and at the AKC Museum of the Dog in St. They are affectionate and friendly with family and friends and although wary of strangers, will accept them if they clearly pose no danger. With an impressive head, rugged well-knit body, and a powerful tail, the Portuguese Water Dog provides the impression of a strong, spirited working dog. Structural balance, functional correctness, and the good-natured temperament inherent to the breed cannot be over emphasized. Ideally suited to long-distance endurance work, they are still used for sledding, as well as in the newer sports of skijoring and ski-pulka, in which they pull a skier wearing a special harness. He loves to learn new things and he also loves to stick to a certain routine during school time.
She would knock them down and if they rolled onto their backs and submitted, they became best buddies, if not, we had to step in. Built for speed and endurance, he is somewhat smaller than people often imagine, usually weighing 40-50 pounds. Permissible colors are brindle, blue, black, fawn and the black and whites, harlequin and mantle. Even though they require firm training and discipline, Malamutes are great family dogs, suitable for obedience, agility, and therapy dog work.
Not a dog for the frail or timid, he is boisterous and clownish, cherishing his toys and his family into oldest age.
Males are about 27" at the withers and weigh around 130 pounds, females slightly shorter and lighter. While not for everyone, they adapt easily to either large or small living quarters or properties. Other breeds may be larger, but none as impressive as the Komondor with his thick coat and large size.
Bred as pack animals, they need lavish amounts of company and activity, and make fine, gentle companions. I've heard that they're not good as guard dogs, but our dog growls at anyone walking around our house on our property if we he knows that we don't know that they're there!
They are outstanding performance dogs and companions with an instinctive drive to protect home and family.
In addition to agility, obedience and tracking they excel in such diverse activities as bomb detection, search and rescue, and therapy. He listens very well, except if there are other dogs, then he only thinks of running up to them to play. When we brought her home, our tiny 4 lb cat beat the crap out her and they were fast friends from that point on.
Their lack of regard to humans can be mis-understood as being a sign of lower intelligence. If you don't know him he might look scary to you so I always have to ensure people that he's a very friendly dog and he's NEVER bitten anyone and that he's just very excited to meet them!
My dog is a politician, he is loved by all who meet him, gets them to rub his belly and then he takes their lunch.

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