An array of colors of hundreds of varieties of flowers draws tens of thousands of customers to Honeymoon Acres Greenhouse in New Holstein every year.
Her husband Joe goes beyond that to stress that their business, which starts with the germination of seeds on-site and culminates with the selling of vegetable set plants, annual bedding and potted plants, potted bedding plants, hanging baskets, and other specimens, is an authentic agricultural activity that is not often recognized as such.
Those were some of the points that the McShaws, whose family includes their sons Clint and Dwight and daughter Falena, made to the visiting group of the four Alice in Dairyland finalists and the three on the selection panel during one of their stops at agri-businesses in Calumet County as the selection of the state’s 66th Alice in Dairyland neared.
The tour started at the original site of the business off Honeymoon Hill Road outside of the city. After the business developed and thrived for 20 years, the McShaws bought property at the northwestern edge of New Holstein along a state highway. This is now their retail center for their main selling periods in the spring and at the end of the year for mainly Christmas season items such as trees, wreaths, and poinsettias. Joe McShaw is a native of Pennsylvania, where his family was also involved in the greenhouse business and in beekeeping. He also had a stint in truck farming before moving here and starting the business with Marci, who is a native of Fond du Lac.
Early every year, the family is busy with selecting and starting the seeds and flower plant cuttings that will be sold several months later. They acquire many of their raw materials from Griffin Greenhouse Supplies of Tewksburg, MA, which bought the horticulture division of Syngenta Seeds, based at Lisle, IL., in November of 2012. At their original site, the McShaws showed the Alice in Dairyland group the lineup of machines for placing seeds into flats and for the automated pickup and placement of young plants from densely populated packs. The separated plants are placed on heated benches and misted as necessary in preparation for retail sale.
In that respect, Honeymoon Acres differs from the many other outlets where young vegetable plants and flowers are sold.
To compete with such huge operations, Honeymoon Acres prepares some 2 million plants but with the knowledge that many of them will not be sold, Joe McShaw acknowledged.
Keeping the waste to a minimum requires planning, attention to what didn’t sell in the previous year, and what plants died before reaching retail, McShaw explained. One exception is the trading of some services (but not customer contact) with the owner of an orchard near Casco.
With lots of signs and with in-pack identification of the vegetable plants, self-service is in order for customers in the three greenhouses and the outdoor area at the retail store. The McShaws realize that a great majority of their customers are experienced, know what they’re looking for, and how to grow it.
That what they’re doing is right is indicated by the 19,000 customers who come to the retail store every year from April-June. Of the annual sales, about 15 percent of the dollar volume is from annual plants while the great majority comes from flowers. Perennials, shrubs, fruit and shade trees, statuary, and landscape services are also available but those sales have weakened since the economic decline in 2008 - a widespread phenomenon as indicated by the 40-percent drop in sales by Bailey Nurseries, a Minnesota-based major supplier of those plant species during that period, Joe McShaw pointed out.
At Honeymoon Acres this year, the unusual spring weather has had a major impact on the sales pattern.
The McShaws were expecting sales of about $25,000 on the day of the Alice in Dairyland tour (May 9). There are also regulations to comply with, ranging from inspections by federal and state agencies to what local zoning, planning, and even sign placement regulations will allow.
At the moment, Joe McShaw is frustrated in dealing with a local regulation, which requires a certain setback distance from the asphalt driveway to the retail store - not from the adjacent highway - for a planned new sign. And a near life-size Holstein showed up this year to oversee part of the outdoor plant display area, which the McShaws would like to put under cover. All text, graphics, images, animation, videos, and other works on this website are the copyrighted works of Solar Innovations, Inc. Any one of those reasons may be enough to inspire you to install or build your own greenhouse. Is your goal to get a jumpstart on the growing season by starting seeds you can transplant as seedlings once the weather warms up. If you want to use your greenhouse during the coldest months of the year, you may need to install some kind of heating system, especially for when night-time temperatures drop below freezing.
Do you need to install a hose and spigot in the greenhouse, or can you water everything by hand?
If you’re simply starting seedlings to transplant outside, you won’t need to worry about pollination.
One way to generate both fertilizer and heat in a greenhouse is by creating a compost pile in a corner. Diane MacEachern is a mother of two kids, best-selling author and award-winning entrepreneur with a Master of Science degree in Natural Resources and the Environment.

Writing Your Business Plan Now that you have considered many factors in starting a greenhouse business, you are ready to put together a business plan.. Information about running a nursery or greenhouse business Sample Nursery Business Plan Software program that provides a business plan for a. This well-designed Greenhouse Work Bench System is equipped in heavy duty support bars that are able to hold up to 600lbs.
Inside the greenhouse, dry-laid brick floors allow excess water to soak into the ground, while a long counter affords plenty of space for starting seeds and potting up containers.
I would love to have a greenhouse with a little table in it to drink my coffee in the morning and read the newspaper in my bathrobe. Donna's beautiful Tinkerhouse, love the vines climbing on it now and that wooden barrel!!!
Decorate your shed with old tools, birdhouses, window boxes, and don't forget a potting table! DIY garden bench for potting and growing seedlings in a greenhouse - I really like this idea!
The family does not hire any part-time employees for the busy sales periods and is willing to give up a sale if no one is available to handle odd or special requests.
This year’s listing includes 40 standard and 24 heirloom tomato varieties and dozens of choices for other vegetable plants such as peppers. Sales during April were the lowest ever for the month while the second week of May picked up part of the slack with record high sales for that week. They spend about $40,000 per year on chemicals and treat the water that is obtained from two high-capacity wells before it is sprayed on the plants.
Extend the season on the other end and plant a “fall crop” of lettuce, spinach and other greens that you can harvest long after frost makes gardening in the elements impossible? You can see several options at Garden Buildings Direct, our partners in this post and a company that offers reasonably priced greenhouse construction kits.
Tempered glass is often used because it is two or three times stronger than regular glass, though it can still break.
Alternatively, in the summer, you may need fans or a ventilation system to keep plants from baking.
You’ll figure out what your plants can tolerate, and what you’ll have to treat organically and with beneficial predators. If you plan on growing fruits, vegetables and perennial flowers that need pollinating, you will have to do that by hand. The sheltered area of glass transforms the whole growing process for seeds and seedlings and you can produce hundreds of new plants for a fraction of the cost. She founded Big Green Purse because she is passionate about sharing her experience and expertise with anyone who wants to live green and save money doing it. I'm passionate about helping you protect yourself and your family, and save money doing it.
This page has information about marketing, pricing, insurance, business plans, and other topics. Greenhouse Plans – Tips on Planning and Building Your Own Garden Greenhouse; Have You Considered Using Portable Greenhouses Instead?
There are multiple applications for commercial greenhouses including coffee shops, greenhouses, floral shops, grocery stores, and garden centers.
Any unauthorized redistribution or reproduction of any copyrighted materials on this website is strictly prohibited. Larger, free-standing greenhouses will need sturdier frames than those that attach to a building or extend out a window. By its very nature, a greenhouse collects heat during the day and loses some of it at night.
Greenhouses generally protect plants from squirrels, rodents, deer, slugs and similar pests. You can recoup the investment in your greenhouse in no time once you take into account how much money you are saving on store-bought seedlings as well as vegetables and flowers. Still, they all fulfill their functions well and have already proved to be an inspiration to many people. The trademarks, logos, and service marks (collectively the "Trademarks") displayed on the website are Trademarks of Solar Innovations, Inc. You may also need to put in a floor, both to control pests and temperature, but also to have something to anchor your frame to.
If you choose plastic, you can get double-layer plastic sheets that last a long time and are quite resistant to damage. 15-1 CHAPTER 15 GREENHOUSE MARKETING, ECONOMICS & BUSINESS PLANS MARKETING INTRODUCTION *Once the grower has a prime product, that product needs to be marketed.

Figure what you want to grow in your greenhouse so you can determine what you actually need to construct. However, the downside of plastic is that it is a difficult material to recycle and often ends of creating micro-plastic trash that is difficult to keep out of the environment. Ideally your greenhouse needs to release hot air in the warm summer months and retain heat during the colder months. All sizes, shapes, materials, and work areas can be customized to virtually any request.Whether you are looking for a small lean-to greenhouse to attach to your restaurant where fresh herbs are grown, or a large scale garden center, Solar Innovations, Inc. As greenhouse frames go, aluminium is the most widely used material and is extremely durable. Overheating is one of the main reasons why plants sometimes fail to grow in greenhouses, therefore you don’t want your green-house to be too hot. Nothing contained on the website should be construed as granting any license or right to use any Trademark displayed on the website.
Ultimately, the kind of panel clarity you choose will depend entirely on what you want to grow. There is usually at least one vent in the roof that you can open in the morning of a hot summer’s day and close during the night. Each greenhouse is constructed out of durable aluminum, which will not rot, rust, warp, or require constant finish maintenance. Unauthorized use of the Trademarks is strictly prohibited and may constitute trademark infringement. Clear panels are perfect if you plan to germinate seeds and grow starters which will later be planted outdoors. Installing insulation can cut nearly 50% off your heating costs, keep an unheated greenhouse frost free, and is also much better environmentally than using an electric heater. If you’re going the hoop-house route, you can use plastic piping that is light-weight and can be easily assembled and disassembled, depending on your needs. The clear panels provide direct light that warms the soil and encourages germinating seeds to sprout. West Virginia University offers an excellent backgrounder on how to build your own greenhouse here. An opaque panel quality is unique as it provides an even amount of light which allows for balanced foliage growth. There are eight standard frame finishes available along with any custom color you may require.The glazing used within the frame will be either polycarbonate or glass. Generally, clear panel greenhouses provide warmer, more direct light whilst opaque panels are ideal for growing crops long term. Polycarbonate tends to be less expensive and weighs less than glass, which cuts down on shipping costs.
Polycarbonate is available in different colors and thicknesses and needs less cleaning than glass but also scratches easier. The glass is available in a larger variety of thicknesses, tints, and types than polycarbonate.
The life of glass is longer than polycarbonate and typically matches a building’s decor better than polycarbonate.Two of the most common commercial greenhouse applications are floral shops and garden centers. The floral center will need display space, refrigeration area, large work sinks and benches along with space for the desk. All of these items can be included when designing the greenhouse, along with any additional areas you would like.The garden center can have its retail space with custom designed benches, available in fixed, tiered, and rolling, by Solar Innovations, Inc.
Most garden centers have multiple greenhouses and Solar Innovations® can create each one and design the accessories needed to operate each individual unit. A greenhouse can be specifically designed for annuals, another for perennials, a third for tropical, and any other greenhouse you require.
All functions can be automated with a climate control system, or environmental control system. Fans, shading, misting, benches, heating and cooling are all available options to name a few. An installation crew can come to your business and is typically able to repair the greenhouse; no matter who the manufacturer may have been. No matter what style, use, or requirements your commercial greenhouse has, Solar Innovations, Inc.

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