This is our BUSY PERIOD so order now to get your Greenhouse as soon as possible or a date at your own convenience.
Woodpecker Joinery has been including shed elements within our customers cedar greenhouses for many years. We can manufacture anything to complement your surroundings and make your gardening dreams come true, giving you everything you have ever wanted from a cedar greenhouse.
If you want something out of the ordinary, intricate or something you perhaps thought was not possible - we have the perfect solution. 10ft wide x 12ft deep Centaur greenhouse with Cedar Shingle roof, includes partition, partition window and maintenance free roof as standard . Strong construction- Manufactured using 2"x 2" Western Red Cedar in all window sections, and with 2"x 3" Western Red Cedar in roof sections.
Doors and Windows- Fitted with a shed door entrance, another for the greenhouse entrance both doors are 800mm wide and also includes a 48"x24" window in the partition. 10ft x 10ft Centaur greenhouse with Cedar Shingle roof - fitted as standard with two greenhouse roof auto vents.
12ft x 10ft Centaur greenhouse with Cedar Shingle roof - a bespoke design to incorporate a larger growing space. 12ft x 14ft Centaur greenhouse with Cedar Shingle roof - fitted as standard with three greenhouse roof auto vents. 8ft x 14ft Bespoke Greenhouse and 8ft x 28ft Bromley greenhouse with Cedar shingle shed roofs. 10ft x 20ft Bromley Greenhouse installed in Hampshire including a 10ft x 6ft felt roofed shed. Any size and style of building is possible using our Bromley, Kingsbromley, Kingsbury or Bespoke greenhouse frame.

Built to your exact specification- door placement, additional doors,shed size, extra windows or partition style. 8ft x 22ft Bromley Greenhouse installed in Hampshire including a 8ft x 4ft felt roofed shed. 15ft x 24ft Kings Bromley Greenhouse installed in Cheshire including a 10ft x 15ft aluminium roofed shed. Although cedar wood is durable and generally requires staining once every 2-3 years, the aluminium capping (optional with our greenhouses) provides a maintenance-free roof for those who wish to avoid climbing to attend to their greenhouse. Louvre vents can be installed in addition to roof vents to increase air circulation within the greenhouse.
Shed Greenhouse Combo - Learn How to build DIY Shed Plans Blueprints pdf and materials list online designs download 16x16 12x20 12x16 12x12 12x10 12x10 12x8 10x20 10x16 10x14 10x12 10x10 8x16 8x10 8x12 8x8 8x6 6x8 4x8 by sizeShed Greenhouse Combo shed greenhouse combo plans shed doors shed greenhouse combo garden buildings combi shed greenhouse greenhouse potting shed combination greenhouse shed combination garden shed greenhouse combination potting shedsShed Greenhouse Combo Interior decorator leger sports buff pic Saints Confederate wife and MOM buff. After receiving so much interest, we have taken the opportunity to showcase our range of the different solutions we have offered customers over these years. Including 3D sketches to fully describe door placement, roof engineering or even a special partition design.
The shingles carry the same self preserving and insulative properties as the rest of the cedar used in the manufacture of the greenhouse. With this system, the glass sits on top of the rafters on a rubber strip and the aluminium secures the glass in place.
With hot air escaping the greenhouse through the roof vents, forces air to travel in through the louvre.
The blinds provide compact solution to reduce sunlight exposure and prevent your greenhouse from overheating. The tone of the get-go and tips are always that rain buckets forward to build Shed Greenhouse Combo-5.

Each structure has been designed to our customers exact specification, to ensure the most practical use of space available in their garden. Each cedar shingle is fixed by stainless steel nails to ensure the roof lasts as long and the greenhouse does!
This leaves no wood on the roof exposed to the elements, making looking after your greenhouse a pleasure, not a chore! Woodpecker Joinery greenhouse blinds are spring tensioned which prevents the greenhouse blind from sagging and also allows for auto feeding retraction.
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