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About New Rustics Furniture CompanyAward-winning New Rustics is an innovative company founded by designers and furniture experts.
This durably constructed bench offers tremendous function and style, with eight hooks, two top shelves, and lower storage area for organizing, a spacious seat for resting, and a beautiful Mission and Shaker design.
A mix of old and new world influences, New Rustics presents collections that feature handmade solid wood furniture, earthenware clay pottery, and decorative stone and iron accessories. Almost all carpenters use various hall tree bench plans to make different style of tree benches.
Colors, textures, and sustainable materials abound throughout the creations of New Rustics, and all of them will add character and style to your home.

Moreover, the benches are also made by adding others tools which are have different function from the bench.Hall Tree Bench in Various StylesVarious types and styles of its furniture can be seen from many antique rustic houses and traditional rustic houses. As the example a hall tree bench with mirror which is completed also by shoe storage right below the seat. The others types of hall tree bench starting from painted benches, the benches with old door decorations, wall hooks right beside the mirror,  mini bench without a mirror, this type mostly provide some wall hooks, its seat, and mini storage under the seat.The style of hall tree bench that can be found also the bench with basket storage. This type of bench is not made into some rack storage, but makes an empty space to place the rotten basket there. Moreover, some of the bench also provide such as ceiling storage right above the top of its bench.  However, the wooden material as its main materials actually more easy to modify. But, even though the wooden material seem to be the most used material for the bench, the other materials also have been used such as mild irons that have been design with its patterns and its curving.Hall Tree Bench and Its ColorsActually this furniture has various colors.

But we can’t deny that the using of wood material of its furniture has become a main factor to give its colorful schema. Therefore, almost all of its furniture has been offered only natural color such as deep brown, light brown, bright white and black.

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