In the Spring when Lonicera Japonica is in full bloom, you can smell it from hundreds of feet away, the distinct taste of honey floats from the flowers through the air and attracts thousands of bees and all the humming birds in the area. Lonicera Japonica is edible, my mother told me stories from her childhood in which her and her brothers would pluck the flowers and suck the nectar out of them. Japanese Honeysuckle, Lonicera Japonica can be grown as a vine to cover a trellis, wall or fence but can also make a good ground cover or erosion control. It’s probably important to note that the Lonicera Japonica Honeysuckle berries are not edible. From all the variety of Honeysuckle available, not all of them smell or taste good, which makes Lonicera Japonica, Halls Japanese Honeysuckle a must have for gardeners of fragrance! Lonicera Japonica is tolerant to a variety of conditions so you should have very little trouble getting the seeds to sprout. Please consider supporting Garden Of Tomorrow – the money you spend here allows me to buy new plants and write about them!
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The Halls Supreme Wall Garden is ideal for those with limited space and has a flat house or garden wall to put the structure against.
The stylish design of the Wall garden with its curved aluminium eaves and single sliding door make it the perfect addition to any garden and an ideal growing space.
Images below detail the 4 levels of shelving included in the Greenhouse Bonanza package deal and a full stocked Mill finish model photographed in Scotland in April.
Established in 1952, and still a family run partnership, Hall’s Garden Centres sell everything you need for your garden from plants and flowers to sheds and greenhouses, not forgetting gardening gifts and ideas. Visit our Aquatic Superstore at the Sutton Coldfield Garden Centre and you'll be able to walk around a beautifully landscaped Japanese Water Garden. Hall's Florists have always sold an extensive range of wonderful flowers and gifts, giving customers plenty of choice including luxury flowers, modern bouquets and classic arrangements. The coffee shop is tastefully decorated and has a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere is what sets it apart from other garden centre coffee shops.
Did you know that Hall’s Garden Centres are members of the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA).
As it's now April, winter is officially over and the Garden Centre is unveiling fresh stock for the new season.

Marshalls Hard Landscape Guarantee covers material defects for a full 10 years and covers installation defects for 5 years - Only available via a Marshalls Registered installer. Disclaimer: All specification data is provided in good faith and is subject to manufacturer change without notice.
I was able to view a variety of greenhouses from the comfort of my own home before selecting the item which suited my needs.The ordering and paying for my greenhouse was really straightforward.
It’s an invasive, med-fast growing vine that flowers from Spring to Summer with white and yellow flowers. I would imagine that you could make some awesome syrup if you had a good way to drain the flowers of their nectar, maybe you could use the whole flowers to make a jelly! Growing it vertical will allow it’s fragrance to permeate an area better than if it grows on the ground.
First, because Honeysuckle grows so rapidly I’m sure just about anyone would gladly dig up a few of their own Lonicera Japonica just for you.
It’s also beneficial because it attracts pollinating insects (bees, which also need our help right now), a reason to plant Lonicera Japonica Honeysuckle around your orchard or vegetable garden! Amber has been suffering from chronic illness for 5 years, we found a cure but need your help to get it.
With its integral shelves the Supreme Wall Garden gives a surprising amount of growing space for all your flowers and vegetables. Here you'll be you'll be inspired by the Orient with a huge variety of pond plants, ornaments, water features and cascades.
Whether it be a hearty cooked breakfast, a light lunch or an afternoon tea, there is something for everyone. We stock thousands of items from all leading suppliers which are available from our garden centres, aquatic superstore and dedicated e-commerce website. Whether it is used to edge patios, flower beds or pathways, Agent Edging will enhance the careful thought and planning to your garden design. Please contact us for advice and confirmation should any value be of essence to your purchase.
The Green Wall Garden is a compact, lean-to greenhouse - ideal for where space is at a premium. Unlike most plants whose flowers are all one color per plant, the flowers on this Honeysuckle are entirely white or yellow, it’s a really neat attribute (see the picture for example).

Japanese Honeysuckle will also grow competitively with Blackberries, growing up and out to reach sunlight.
Second, if needed, Air Layering works great since Lonicera Japonica will root really easy anywhere it’s branches touch the ground! Some birds will eat them though, and when they are done digesting the Lonicera Japonica berries they will plant them for you – anywhere and everywhere!
And I want you to be happy with your purchase – No questions asked money back garuntee if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase! Trapping both the warmth of the sun and the heat from the house, this model allows you great scope for growing a wide range of plants. The assembly instuctions could have been clearer, however, I am very pleased with the final product. No parts clearly identified.It took an experienced builder a whole day to put up and that cost me a lot of money. If you have bees and lots of Honeysuckle in your area you will get some delicious Honeysuckle brood (and equally tasty honey a few months later). Because of the invasive nature of Blackberries, a Blackberry patch is an ideal place to grow the also invasive Honeysuckle where it can be left to grow without maintenance. For this reason alone you may want to use some discretion when you choose where to plant them, how close to plant Lonicera Japonica to your garden, etc. Complete with a smooth action sliding 588mm wide single door, this model is constructed from long-life, low maintenance natural finish aluminium framing - all offered at a truly economical price. Complete with a smooth action sliding 600mm wide single door, this model is constructed from long-life, low maintenance green painted aluminium framing - all offered at a truly economical price. Standard pricing includes for horticultural glazing, however for safety in a public place, or where children or elderly people are present the small pane toughened glass option should always be chosen. As an added benefit, this model is supplied with a base rail, shelf, staging and seed trays - all included at no extra cost! Deshalb gilt, dass wir uns bei Irrtumern, unvertretbaren Preis- und Produktanderungen, sowie Lieferengpassen unserer Vorlieferanten die Auslieferung Ihres Auftrags vorbehalten.

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