Our top quality, American made wood furniture is hand made to order in Vermont, from sustainably harvested solid wood. The Green Mountain State has a reputation for the best wooden handcrafted furniture anywhere in America.
Artisans of the Desert and its owner Chris Sandoval create handcrafted furniture using solid wood and the best elements of traditional and contemporary designs. Our commission process follows a few general steps to ensure a smooth transition from your original design concept to a completed work that follows all the contours of your vision.
Chris Sandoval's furniture has been shown widely at major shows and museums and has received numerous awards. By cautiously selecting the correct furniture and other accessories for your office area, you can make a positive atmosphere in which your employees can be comfortable and productive.
In Boulder home office furniture collections, you can choose a wide variety of office furniture, such as office desks, computer workstations, and filing cabinets.
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Natural cherry wood is our most popular wood choice however we also customize in natural maple, oak or walnut wood furniture. Vermont is home to some 2000 small custom furniture makers located throughout our state as well as several mid-size, high end furniture manufacturers. Choosing the correct desks, chairs and other office accessories can be a discouraging task. Therefore, in such circumstances, you can take office furniture in Boulder into your considerations. Browse our affordable handmade wood furniture below, and customize any of your bedroom, dining, living room or home office furniture with your choice of hardwood, dimensions, hardware and styling. Vermont furniture makers are known for their fine craftsmanship and use of organic solid wood and clear natural finishes. The craftsmen are always passionate about sourcing the top quality contemporary office furniture and suggesting a special service which is second to none.
As experienced experts, the producers know how discouraging it can be to design a new office room, or an existing office redecoration while still keeping the productivity and efficiency of your workforce.
The office chairs available come in all types, from ergonomic chairs for the dynamic worker to exclusive executive chairs for the hectic CEO or chairman. Enjoy the luxury of honest craftsmanship for your bedroom, dining room, living room and, in traditional, modern, Shaker, craftsman, arts & crafts and contemporary styles.

With so many American furniture brands now making their furniture overseas, Vermont has quietly become the Real Wood Furniture Capital of the USA. There are strong relationships have been built within all the leading boulder manufacturers, allowing them to combine their expertise and experience with themselves to produce high quality office furniture boulder and pass onto their customers. If you plan to transform to your working environment, you can consult to the manufacturers of office furniture boulder before making a decision. We are proud to partner with Vermont handcrafted furniture makers that have continued to operate successfully in the USA, remaining true to their communities, their employees and their quality even during the hardest of economic times. An exciting array of decor, lighting, and locally handcrafted gifts to insert the final touches to make your office or house a lovely area are carried by the craftsmen. Office fittings should by no means be an afterthought; this home office furniture boulder will be idyllic for your office interior decoration. In addition, the filing cabinet, storage and media dressers will keep your office rooms well organized in no time.

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