Make sure you read all the plans first as some of the materials could be pricey, but well worth it. I bought all the standards and brackets at Menards for $87.58 and this price included tax and shipping. Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments.
Create a huge, accessible storage platform on the upper walls of your garage without taking up any floor space. The average two-car garage has the upper regions of three 24-ft.-long walls ready and available for big-time storage. While these shelves aren't sturdy enough to store your anvil collection, they're plenty strong enough for off-season clothes, sporting goods and camping gear.
The 23-in.-high apron under the shelf is a great place to drive nails and hooks for hanging garden tools, cords and hoses—all that other stuff that clutters up the garage. There are no magic heights or widths for your shelves; you'll want to customize them for your garage and needs. Choose shelf heights that'll allow for enough space between the ceiling and the shelf for the tall items you plan to store. Make sure that shelves and braces will clear obstructions like garage doors, garage door tracks and service doors. In foot traffic areas (near car doors, for example), keep braces above head level and back from doorways, so you don't bump into them. If you need to build narrower shelves, just shrink the plywood braces and shelves by the same amount.
Garage tool storage ideas will enable you to become more organized as a homeowner, and will allow you to use your garage space more efficiently. Garage tool storage is important as it helps you maintain an organized garage where you will be able to locate items at a moment’s notice, which will certainly help you during emergencies and other circumstances that render you time-bound. Small items are essential to daily life; from nuts and bolts to screws and small light bulbs, every little bit is urgently required at some point of time. Garage tool storage ideas for small items therefore, are essential to any garage, and some tips here will help you organize appropriate storage spaces for them. For larger items, it is recommended to paint old cardboard or plastic boxes and label them with the name of the tools stored inside for easy access. Items such as shovels and chainsaws will not fit into boxes or cartons, and more often than not, will have to be stored without them. Those hanging organizers will come in handy for wires, small to medium size tools and other garage essentials, and only need 1 nail to be hammered in place before they are hung on the wall.
There are a number of store-bought, do-it-yourself, and upcycling options available to you as a homeowner when it comes to garage tool storage ideas, so do have a look and find what suits your garage the best. Think of the creativity and productivity that will flow when you step into your neat workspace. This Roll-Around Store-All from Shop Notes Magazine keeps your materials organized and accessible.
I think I’m in love with this Combo Miter Saw Station and Lumber Rack from Instructables.
The always creative and super adorable Jessica of Mom 4 Real built this amazing Portable Tool Caddy – isn’t it great?! Sure, there are companies who will install an entire wall storage system for you, but the price can be exorbitant. If you are really ambitious, Sliding Shelves can be built that give you tons of storage but hide the clutter. I think you can see from all of these choices, the best solution is the one that works for YOU and your home.

Have the necessary tools for this DIY project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and frustration. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY.
Now that the garage is empty, avoid the common mistake of hastily rushing out to buy organizational products. Once you’ve determined what zones you’ll need, work logically to fit them in where they’ll be easiest to access. Now that you have a plan, put it into action with smart organizational products that require minimal effort to use. Shelves are among the most common and versatile storage solutions, providing “see, grab, and go” functionality that keeps frequently used items at the ready. Hooks are easy to use and inexpensive, and in different sizes they are tremendously versatile. Add a continuous 2-ft.-deep shelf on all three walls and you're talking about a huge, accessible storage platform without taking up any floor space whatsoever. In short, just about anything you'd want to hoist up onto an 8-ft.-high shelf and out of the way.
Add a closet rod between a couple of braces and you have a convenient place to hang jackets, raincoats or other clothes.
The best strategy is to build a 3-ft.-long mockup of our shelf and hold it against the walls in various positions to test the fit. Garage ideas for tools and their storage are available at stores, on the Internet, and even with your local handyman, who is sure to have a few cost-saving do-it-yourself solutions to offer as well. The storage of these small items is generally restricted to the garage owing to the presence of young children or animals in the house for which they can become a choking or other health hazard.
Some clever tool storage ideas involve the use of old shoe boxes, which leads one to another type of box whose size is better suited for small items. This might pose a danger to very young children or animals, which is why it is recommended to opt for one of two garage tool storage ideas; the first is the safest, and involves installing overhead storage options, while the second involves installing wall brackets and hanging the items at a height that cannot be reached by little ones.
It will work for tools that require constant use, such as a shovel, which will be invaluable and frequently used during snowy winters. The humble bathroom cabinet too, is part of budget-friendly garage tool storage ideas that serve your organizing needs without costing you a lot of money. This Customizable Garage Storage is hand made and therefore can be customized to exactly what you need, where you need it. This American Woodworker Hold-Everything Tool Rack displays them in such a way that they can be appreciated for the beautiful pieces they are. You two are always so busy with projects it’s hard to make the workshop a project, too! I could look through pinterest for a more fascinating glance at woodshop storage than this article. Store fasteners and hardware in the bins, then carry the bins to your project as you need them. For a larger version of the plans and for the Cutting List, see Additional Information, below. Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. For most of us, the garage serves as a dumping ground for old paint, broken toys, and boxes of clothes awaiting a ride to the local thrift store. For instance, it makes sense to keep garden equipment and the lawn mower by the door leading to the yard.
The good news is there are plenty of options, from inexpensive DIY hooks and chrome racks to customized, professionally installed systems priced in the thousands.

Though some systems can be priced in the thousands, they do offer excellent flexibility and get everything organized and off the floor. Locked cabinets are ideal for storing toxic items, while tall cabinets make great use of vertical space.
Specialty racks include space-saving corner models and overhead platforms that attach to the ceiling.
Small hooks can hang keys, twine, and hand tools, while larger hooks can get bikes, cords, and equipment off the ground.
Choose stackable ones with lids to eliminate dust, and be sure to label each clearly to avoid having to dig around. So, I stumbled upon these plans from the Family Handyman & couldn’t find a reason why this wouldn’t work in my shop.
This project will work on just about any garage on the planet, although you may have to customize it a bit for your garage. If you can handle a circular saw, a screw gun and basic hand tools, you'll have no problems. Get your old pillbox out and make use of the various compartments to store your tiniest little items.
Another gem amid the many garage tool storage ideas that have been inspired by do-it-yourself experts is the use of bathroom organizers as organizing agents for garage tools. Simply refurbish what you have and ensure that your cabinet or other storage unit is sturdy and capable of handling the weight of the items you are placing inside it. And while there are amazing workshops online for inspiration, don’t go crazy thinking your work area needs to be a renovation in and of itself!
Look for the versatility of adjustable shelves to ensure you can store everything from camping gear to automotive parts.
It has room for storage, can easily accommodate my tools & most importantly fold up to store.
From small screws for eyeglasses, to little nails that are needed for minor repairs, to little loops of wire that always seem to vanish when they are most needed, all of these items will fit into your pillbox. When I signed on to be one of Sandra’s Sawdust Diaries clients, I knew it would require a lot of blood, sweat and tears.
It is an adaptation to your shop vac that puts the hose at your project so it sucks up the dust as it is produced. In addition to hanging rakes and tools, consider hanging up your bikes and wheelbarrow.” Hoists and overhead racks maximize space near the ceiling. This is an organizing project you can do today. Go to the Dollar Store today and buy a folder. I plan on topping all my surfaces with some ? inch tempered hardboard later on so I knew it would work.
Due to the reduction in thickness of the plywood all my #8-1 inch screws needed to be adjusted to ? inch so to not screw through the ply. I also hit the molding isle to nab some pieces to use as furring strips to use under the shelves before attaching the brackets.
This way I can sand each strip to match before mounting to make sure it lined up flat with the center top.

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