Energy wood is bought by as well the traditional forest industry companies, power- and energy plants as consortia of small buyers. When utilisation of energy wood is increasing, the efficiency, economy and selection of services affect drastically on the utilisation of renewable energy. Based on collected material analyses, the success models and best practices are described, so that the whole energy harvesting and transport business and customers can optimise their operations.
In a recently completed research project carried out by Metla, new methods and solutions have been developed to improve Finnish expertise in industrial and energy wood harvesting as well as in the development of transport and logistics in Russia. The final report of the research project a€?Wood harvesting and logistics in Russia a€“ focus on research and business opportunitiesa€?, which ended in January 2012, presents the results and conclusions on the productivity and costs of industrial wood harvesting, supply chains for forest chips, the environmental impact of wood harvesting, log damage caused by harvesting and the effect of the condition of harvester heads on such damage. The project included gathering a large amount of data on typical harvesting conditions in final felling in the northern European part of Russia.
The researchers developed a GIS-based tool for the optimisation of harvesting plans and logistics. However, the challenge for planning is the availability of sufficiently accurate and reliable information on forest resources and geography, which would enable successful planning of forest road locations. In operational planning, information should be available on harvesting costs, road construction and transport in order to minimise overall costs. The research results can be utilised by companies that are already engaged in the harvesting, transport and logistics of wood for industry and energy in Russia.
The organisations involved in the three-year project, coordinated by Metla, were the University of Helsinki, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Petrozavodsk State University and St Petersburg State Forest Technical University. The final English-language report has been published in the a€?Working Papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institutea€? series, and it has also been translated into Russian.
Shropshire Forestry Contractors are specialists in Wood Harvesting and Forestry Management and can fell and extract timber with minimal damage from woodland areas.

With our experience of over 35 years in the industry from site clearance, replanting, harvesting and merchanting, we can offer services for full advice on all aspects of woodland management. Part of the wood energy harvesting and transport enterprises are traditional round wood harvesting entrepreneurs, but significant part of them are new entrepreneurs.
Significance of subsidies and reasonable steering of them is analysed together with research partners.
The results, which explain key problems, will benefit companies operating or planning to operate in Russia. For Finnish manufacturers and suppliers, this creates good opportunities in an expanding market. The report also discusses the optimisation of industrial and energy wood logistics and the planning of forest road construction. The material was used to establish the productivity of cut-to-length (CTL) harvesters in the final felling of unthinned mixed forest stands as well as the importance of factors affecting the productivity. Different strategies cannot be ranked in order of importance on the basis of this study, but it can be stated that the construction of good forest roads should be concentrated in areas where harvesting volumes are high and construction costs are proportionally the lowest. They will also benefit companies that are planning to enter the Russian market and are currently assessing the possibilities of operating in Russia and adapting their methods and products to better fit the local conditions. The project was funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes, through the European Regional Development Fund) as well as project partners John Deere Forestry Limited, Kesla Oyj, Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy, MetsA¤liitto Cooperative, Ponsse Plc, Sisu Auto Oy, Stora Enso Oyj and UPM-Kymmene Forest. More than 50 publications were completed during the project, and a list of them is attached to the final report. Using the most up to date machinery we can extract and move all timber weather small softwood or large hardwood, both quickly and efficiently, with careful consideration for the site and its conditions as in the majority of cases replanting follows. According to the entrepreneurs which factors hinder the harvesting business and developing of enterprises?

It is hoped that the project will enhance the business opportunities and competitiveness of Finnish forest-related companies and other players in the expanding Russian market.
The harvesting and use of wood for energy is still in its early stages in Russia, but as time goes on, this field will also offer new prospects for Finnish players. On the basis of this extensive material, productivity models were developed for each region as a function of the tree species and stem volume distribution. It was found that optimisation would create major cost savings both in weekly operational planning and in tactical planning extending over a period of few months, as well as in annual strategic planning. In light of this study, it would seem to be economically feasible to invest in the forest road network. Forms and agreements and machinery and range of services alike differ a lot from those of harvesting round wood for forest industry.
The project is with Metla’s other energy wood programs clearing the forest owners opinions about services of energy wood harvesting eneterprises. The success factors of entrepreneurs and enterprises are cleared by interviews and by studying various databases. The sustainability of the process is evaluated by the profitability of the enterprises and by the satisfaction of customers.

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