A fire that began Monday night that destroyed a large barn and tons of hay in Molino continued to burn into Tuesday afternoon. In total, the barn contained nearly 5,000 square and 75 round bales of hay and two tractors that were destroyed. Pictured top and page bottom: Firefighters and county crews with heavy equipment continued to work to fully extinguish hay Tuesday morning in Molino.
The game play is exactly as that of hay day for PC you have to take care of all the stuffs on your farm and earn the diamonds. You can download the AE Barn Story fr Lumia from the direct download link below, if your accessing this website with your PC and want to download the file using your Lumia smartphone then you can download AE Barn Story using the short code or the QR code Given below.
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Since the last update with fishing in d store its showing that, this app is not available for my device. I’m trying to retrieve my password that I forgot and was told I would receive a temporary one to my email. AS HAVE UPDATED MY PHONE VERSION AND ALSO THE GAME VERSION THE GAME IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY SPECIALLY THE ROAD SIDE STALL.

AS HAVE UPDATED MY PHONE VERSION AND ALSO THE GAME VERSION THE GAME IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY SPECIALLY THE ROAD SIDE STALL. The barn can be upgraded using bolts, duct tape and planks (see Supplies for more details about these items). Each upgrade requires the same number of bolts, planks and rolls of duct tape but the number of items requires increases by 1 with each upgrade (see the table below). The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Florida State Fire Marshal’s Office. I got other email incoming , but have not received one from my barn story app to start where I left off.
THE GOODS ARE SOLD BUT AS I TRY TO COLLECT THE COINS IT GIVES AN ERROR “DISCONNECT FROM SERVER, CHECK THE CONNECTIVITY”. As this is a software bug so I can help you with that right now, although I can raise this issue by writing an article. It is already standing at the start of the game, but must be repaired during the tutorial to become usable. The barn was about half full of hay which continued to burn for hours, with county crews using heavy equipment to move it outside for it to be extinguished.

In this article I will be giving you the impartial review of the AE Barn Story for windows phone or simply the AE Barn Story for Lumia Reviews and will be giving you the direct download link of AE Barn Story for Lumia. I was able to access the Newspaper once so I am assuming that the problem is connected with the new feature.
If you want to keep at least five of each item you need a barn with a capacity of at least 900 items. Can someone contact me by calling me with the info I need or try emailing me with the info I need.
Will not collect sold goods was able to put more up for sale just unable to collect coins from sale.

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