There are two doors leading from the stalls to the fenced yard, allowing us to let different batches of goats out separately. The goat doors are opened and closed on a pulley system accessed in the storage section of the barn.
After doing this for a couple years, he’s gotten really good at finessing the bale neatly into the snug space in the barn. That’s the bedroom window on the right, where kids were excitedly watching the action. If you are considering a building to increase storage space on your property, don’t forget to consider post frame buildings. The building fit well with the property and will provide lots of hay storage for this small horse farm. So consider adding a post frame building to your property and if you are in New Jersey, Maryland, or PA consider Wagler Builders LLC to build it. He got a truckload of free lumber ripped out of a house getting remodeled, and we spent days pulling nails out of the boards.

The sliding doors are great for mucking out the soiled bedding and getting hay in and out with the tractor. Both sides have access to hay from the feedbunk but only the left side has a door out to the storage part and milking stanchion. Having the barn so close to the house makes it a quick and easy trip for me to stumble out half-asleep at milking time. Henry hauled and stored four big bales last fall and has loaded individual bales into the barn every couple months. You can build your building to fit your style while also adding valuable storage space at an affordable cost. The cedar siding and metal roofing we did actually buy at a discount, but the whole barn cost less than $300.
I recently ran out of hay in the storage part of the barn, so I cleaned all out to make room for the new big bale of red clover hay.
The grand plan includes finishing the siding on this wall, but it’s not exactly high on the priority list, and actually it is better lit and ventilated without the siding.

They elected to go with a split sliding door because it looks great and allows a little more head room than a garage door would.A 10 foot tall building will accommodate a ten foot tall sliding door while it would only allow a nine foot garage door. I think the barn is the perfect size for two adult goats plus a couple young kids, and for the most part, I love the design. Anything that doesn’t get eaten on the first go, falls out the bottom on the storage side, and then I recycle it (along with untouched hay) back into the top.
At night, Bella sleeps locked up in the left stall, while the other three goats share the right stall.

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