To unlock Amateur league, you must beat 33 characters in Arcade mode, or pay 100,000 points. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. Costumes are a great way of boosting stats and some also have Some of the costumes in Head Soccer. Mexico (Spanish: Mexico) is the 14th character and the second North American Country in the game. Mexico has long, dark red hair, a black goatee and black eyebrows, three deep cicatrices on the side of his face and a large scar across his nose. In order to unlock Mexico, the player must win with more than 10 goals difference against 17 characters or pay 1,300,000 points to unlock him instantly. There is a terrible mistake with his power shot: Sometimes after you have slammed your opponent into the ground, Mexico will keep on jumping uncontrollably. On the final match, players will play against the second-placed character (or the first-placed if the player is in the second place) with a special hat.

To unlock Minor league you need to come in 1st place in the Amateur league, or pay 200,000 points. Sometimes though after he has slammed his opponent into the ground with his Hand Shot and has a chance of scoring, he doesn't do it. You can see when it happens: Mexico will let go of his opponent before slamming him into the ground and start jumping already.
To unlock Major league you need to come in 1st place in the Minor league, or pay 300,000 points. Also, he suffers from a bug occasionally in which he keeps on jumping after he has used his Power Shot. It grabs the opponent and brings him to Mexico; Mexico grabs the foe who was victimized by the hand, jumps high into the air, says, "Come Here!" and slams him into the ground upside down. To solve this, press the Jump button right at the moment he is on the ground; he will jump one more time and then react normally again.
When the 'do you want to continue' window shows, use the arrows to choose another not necessarily owned character. They can be unlocked by beating the Cyborg in a Rank match (every tenth round) in the Survival mode.

The opponent will be there, stuck in the ground and unmovable for approximately two seconds. For characters sharing the same amount of wins, the character with more number of goals scored wins.
However, do note that even if you unlock them, you will still have to pay points to finally use them.
When Mexico slams the other player into the ground, the two of them will be surrounded by dark blue sonar rings that form a "tornado" together. Afterwards, some small rocks are left behind on the field, but they vanish a few seconds later. The shot rarely ever scores out of itself; its main function is creating an open goal chance for Mexico by eliminating his opponent.

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