So many of you asked for different sized plans, but time just flies by, and before I knew it, months had passed and still, I hadn't found the time to publish more plans in the collection.
But after seeing these stunning photos from The Picky Apple, I knew I HAD to prioritize adding at least the queen size. We'll start with the headboard.  Isn't it beautiful?  For lots more photos and details about the finish, make sure you visit The Picky Apple. Start by lining all the 1?4 panel boards up, rotating the grain so the bark side is up, then down. Nailer would be handy here, but if you don’t have one, you can screw the leg fronts to the legs.
If you are looking for a classic farmhouse style bed for your child's room, this is the project for you.
This simple, modern style bed has a unique long & low headboard with built-in nightstands. It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion.

Thank you so much for your kindness and beautiful comments on our "not much" posts - I feel like you have given me already the greatest job in the world, and now you are giving me vacation time on top of that!
Now do not fear, technology has increased so much in Alaska, I can still work (yay!) even when I'm traveling, and you can expect to still see lots of plans, updates to the Momplex and then maybe some fun stuff we do too. Gina has taken the time to photograph her step by step of making this bed - so please - stop over and visit her and check out lots more photos and details.
I tried to create a full slipcover like the plans said, but after 3 failed attempts (taking almost 3 days to do!) and too much time with my seam ripper, I decided to just create slip covers for each of the "wings" and then use tack strips for the main part of the headboard.
We're very pleased with the results -- we'll surely be back when we're planning future projects. I have spent almost all day going through all your ideas- my husband just went last night and bought wood to try and make my daughter a bed and then I found your site with all these amazing ideas!! My DH didn't think that it would be as easy as just adding sides to a headboard so he hasn't let me try it.
I sooo love this bed and am planning on redoing my bedroom For my 13th anniversary coming up.

I had determined to do the Farmhouse bed for my husband and I, but when you posted the Brookstone bed, I fell in love! This headboard would make a statement in any room, but if you adjust the measurements to fill an entire wall in your bedroom it would be a show stopping feature!
The thinnest I could find was 1" at Hobby Lobby, so I used that only on the inside of the wings, and wrapped the batting around.
My DH didn't think it would be as easy as just adding sides to a headboard so he hasn't let me try it. Is there somewhere esle on the website that has the shopping list and cutting list I need for a queen size????

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