The rafters ended up coming up short because I aligned them along the rear wall when I should have aligned them along the front because that's where the fascia is, then used a cable winch puller to pull the bowed out wall inward.
I didn't have a cable winch puller on hand so I created a nailing strip to go between the fascia board and the ends of the rafters so the fascia could be nailed securely. Since the rafters came up too short in the front, they protruded too much along the top of the front wall on the inside. These are minor fit issues I created (Yay me!) and thankfully, they don't compromise structural strength. Before I could install the roof decking, I had to ensure that the rafters were properly aligned.
I used spreader clamps to ensure that the centres of the rafters maintained their correct spacing, then I tacked scrap lumber across the tops of the rafters to hold them in place.
After pushing the sheet up onto the rafters, the lower edge of the sheet rested on the top ends of the 4x4 posts.
Getting the 4x8 sheets up onto the roof actually turned out to be easier than I thought it would be.

Since the rafters were a bit wonky, there was about a 1 inch gap where the roof deck is supposed to meet at the roof ridge.
Saltbox style storage project plans - An affordable high quality set of plans how to build storage shed with a limited amount of time, tools and money for any level skill of builders. Storage shed plans, shed building plans, diy shed : This cute little storage shed is a saltbox style shed with a 3' rounded top entry door and a 22"x28" side window. I had to notch some of the ends of the rafters to add a nailing strip before attaching the OSB reinforcement above the door. In my previous article, I mentioned that they were slightly bent, despite my best efforts and using a rafter jig to ensure they were all built uniformly.
Once the first sheet of the roof decking was in place on the front roof, I removed the scrap lumber but still used spreader clamps to keep the rafters properly spaced. I set up a step ladder and leaned some 4x4 posts on either side, then picked up the 4x8 foot sheet and slid it up the posts while carefully walking up the ladder. I then used wood shims on top of the 4x4 posts to adjust the alignment of the lower edge of the 4x8 sheet.

However, the back roof was more challenging since the shed is built along the neighbor's fence and there's not enough clearance behind the shed to lean the 4x4 posts against the shed. The shed gets full sun for most of the day so ventilation was necessary to keep the inside of the shed from getting too hot. Pool Table with Table Tennis $469.70 7-Foot Pool Table With Table Tennis Top Quality Billiards Table Has The Extra Bonus Of Table Tennis - All At This Great Price! It is easy to use, just roll it in place to play or fold it down for easy storage when not in use.

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