Singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow opened the doors to her 1920s Spanish Revival home in the Hollywood Hills for a spread in Architectural Digest last year.
But seriously, I love the quality, spaciousness, and architectural quality–tiles, windows, etc. It does have some nice, warm features like the library and dining room, but I also see a sort of identity crisis going on with the house, landscape and a few of the spaces. Now she’s selling it and the two other houses on the 11-acre property for about $16 million.

I especially appreciate the antique bicycle over the fireplace (rather than a big-screen TV!) It’s also nice to see a superstar who has a library in her house. Let’s look!The main house, where Sheryl lives with her sons Wyatt and Levi, was built in 1924. I like the idea to be yourself, but this home is unique and beautiful, and should be professionally decorated to emphasize that. A 1910 Colonial in New Jersey 4.… Are you hooked on houses?

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