We use this storage cabinet on our deck to store cushions between parties.This unit is only adequate. After much shifting around and placing a hook in the door latch, it stays shut most of the time.
Rent their truck, its only $25 and some gas, why take a chance having an accident- I had the whole shed, the PT wood for the foundation, and a TON of pellets- all in 1 trip. Reviewers may have received a benefit, like a sweepstakes entry or rewards program points, in exchange for writing a review.
Storage Box features square construction and a natural brown color that allows it to blend in with just about any patio style. Plastic Cube Storage Box 2 answers Half of the pictures show the sides with fake wood and the other half of the pictures have fake woven wicker. But I measured the three-box pallet and it turns out I could get it in my Subaru Forester in two loads. Wanted to know if it closes tight to prevent dust, light and big cockroaches or its like the usual bed room closets with at-least .5inch of gaps when closed?
I don't have the shelves installed in mine yet as I just got it and have to move it to its permanent place.
It also works great as a pool storage shed for your floats, pool chemicals and other necessities.

I would not recommend this storage unit without warning the prospective purchaser of these shortcomings. Made from all-weather resin, this table retains its appearance without any maintenance aside from the occasional cleaning. Manor outdoor storage shed roomy enough to fit your garden supplies, tools and other odds and ends that might be lying around your yard. There are slits in the back where I think the shelves sit in and looking through them I can see "light" between the doors.
Freestanding Plastic Rattan Cabinet 3 answers are the shelves adjustable and removable? The Keter plastic Midi Store comes in handy for a variety of both indoor and outdoor uses where you lack storage space.
All plastic panels seemed to have been engineered with just enough thickness to allow the unit to be assembled. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed.
With a Keter plastic storage box, you can keep useful outdoor accessories close at hand without them taking up space on the patio. This tough plastic storage shed won't ever rot, peel or dent, unlike its wooden and metal competitors.

You may be able to duct tape those slits and the two doors to seal it, but I'd be concerned about mildew. This brown shed also features a heavy duty floor and wide door opening that provides ample room for most riding lawnmowers.
Furthermore, the double door at the front of the shed makes it easy to get big items in and out of the shed without strain or hassle. Therefore, the unit's floor sits a tiny bit unevenly and this causes the doors to pop open, especially in a windy rain storm--defeating the purpose. Ventilated sides ensure that everything you store stays safe and dry no matter what the weather. So, when you're looking for the perfect plastic storage solutions, look no further than Keter for a wide range of home and garden products to suit any space or requirement.

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