USA Today reports that a growing number of American citizens are headed to street corners and parking lots of home improvement stores to find day-labor work - jobs usually done by illegal aliens. A UCLA professor of urban planning says it's happening most often in areas where hot construction markets have collapsed - and there are lots of unemployed construction workers without stable work. Here’s my question to you: What does it mean when a growing number of Americans are seeking day-labor jobs?
Jack, Here in Silicon Valley there are a lot of laid-off geeks from IT and high-tech manufacturing out on the same corners. Maybe finally the economy is doing what the government hasn't: stopping illegal immigration!
It means it's long overdue that we stop sending our manufacturing jobs to other countries. It means if they had put in a full days labor way back when, they wouldn't be in the mess they are in now. These are the only jobs available in many areas, and even they are not easy to get as many involve luxuries like yard work and housecleaning. It means that Reaganomics has failed and that lowering income and capital gains taxes on the rich does not spur job grouth after all; the rich just get richer. It sounds like a growing number of Americans have not been prepared for the 21st century job market.
It means that too many of our white collar and even blue collar jobs have been offshored, and they are taking what they can get to support their families, Jack. It means more Americans have finally woken up to putting money in their own pockets instead of shoveling it into that black hole called Washington DC. There appears to be more opportunity to obtain this type of work than other except fast food. It means that the government better start sending illegal aliens home because if they do not there might just be a lot of killing.
That Congress had better stop their partisan bickering, stop sucking up t the lobbyist & special interests and Wall Street and make helping the everyday main street Americans their priorty for a change.
Things are worse than they are telling us and unemployment is higher than the official numbers. As for those patriotic businesses who gave away their fellow American's jobs, none seem to care to call it treason.
Well all the regular jobs have been outsourced and the Messiah Barack Hussein Obama has not created ONE job. Jack: It means that many people are about to run out of unemployment benefits or they are 6 months away from running out of benefits. It means a growing number of Americans are finding that day-labor is the only kind of work they can get, due to the economy and lack of education. Well, someone has to do the bidding of the bankers and war profiteers after our wealth was handed over to them.
The reason you're seeing more people seeking day labor jobs is there are no other jobs and their employment and savings ran out.
It means that these people are not too proud to work at anything to feed their family and keep a roof over their head. It means the economy is bad, undocumented workers are going home and the Republicans have broken the back of the Union movement. It means the disconnect that exist between the economy of Wall Street and the real economy of Main Street has managed to hurt a lot more Main street than Wall Street!
I hope Main Street will unite and seize on the opportunities to create green jobs by facing that climate change is real (it is not a socialist agenda nor an international plot) for them to save energy at home and not end up paying a lot more to repair damages from climate changes at home and abroad! Mexico has a vested interest in having their citizens enter the US, for both the largest and 2nd largest, industries they have.
Times are getting tough, a lot of people need that extra money to make ends meet or just to have things they want. What is impressive though is that they are going out and getting the jobs from illegal aliens, because Americans can do a good job and I think most want to do a good job.
It means several things – first, Americans realize that any job is a job that brings in money to support themselves and their families. They finally have fallen to earth to realize that day labor is a legal way of making money, and does not harm their reputations, or make them less than the other citizens doing the same work.
And this economy has been brought to you as a crisis by Rahm Emmanel and Hussein Obama in order to further their leftist agenda and to reward all the unions and other lefty organizations that stole the election. Yeah but Jack, is this not part of the government stats that delude the public as to how bad the employment picture really is ?? It means that it is time for the US to manufacture something other than hamburgers, guns and debt. Come on Jack,it means they need a job,and are willing to work for a living,unlike the politicians we have.
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He estimates that the proportion of American born day laborers has at least doubled in the last three years.

Whites, African-Americans and Mexican-Americans are all joining the ranks - competing for work painting, laying bricks or landscaping. Manufacturing and support jobs have gone to countries with national health care that saves these companies 15 to 20 percent off the top and unless we wake up to that reality, the job migration isn’t over and certainly not reversing any time soon. If we Americans are taking the jobs that the illegals were taking then we can be better off!
It means the idea of reducing government regulation of banks and Wall Street does not work either because they will take the money and run. That's what unemployment insurance is - not charity paid for by our taxes, but a fund paid for by employers for those employees who DO work. People have to eat and if they can not find work they will find other ways to eat like stealing and burglary.
We might as well accept that the jobs are not going to come back from China or India unless the American people stop buying anything made there which is difficult to do since most everything is made outside of the USA. Hire thousands of new ICE agents to round up and deport the millions of illegal landscapers, construction workers, and service industry workers and unemployment would be ZERO percent.
America is a great country to be rich in, but a pretty lousy place to be poor and under-educated.
I remember standing with my lunch sandwich in a paper bag in a contractors yard in hopes of getting a days work. Its not just the executives on Wall Street who are to blame, its that entire generation which grew up in the affluence of the post war environment and never paid their dues; but talk like they did. Obama should concern himself more with helping America's economy than with aiding foreign nations -you know, like Afghanistan. Now that the rich have sucked so much money out of the system and wrecked the economy, more Americans must take whatever work is available. It also means that the illegals are going to start going home because trained, qualified, legal citizens are being hired for the jobs that they held before the recession hit.
Thanks to the stimulus package our wondeful government gave to all the rich and wealthy, the rest of us are doing what we have to to get by. For example, it is time for agriculture to change and accommodate more people locally, in cities as well as create jobs locally just as one example!
For years, they didn't want these jobs because the work was to hard and the pay to low.
And most impressive is that rather than go on welfare they are going to work, sometimes 2 jobs. Home Forclosures Cronyism Bailouts and Criminal Aliens who were allowed to work in a sub-level servitude work force believing they had earned their place in the States. I swear to God I'm watching six hispanices work on my neighboors roof right now and not one of them speak English. So maybe it means building something with your hands is an American value making a comeback. It means they will have to lower their standards and work any job during this economic recession.
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Constructed from the finest fabrics and boasting colorful, artful patterns, our durable outdoor area rugs are designed to coordinate beautifully with Martha Stewart Living Patio Furniture making decorating effortless. And it's a trend that will only get worse once unemployment benefits run out and more people are laid off. A recent report shows jobless rates increased in 29 states and the District of Columbia in October. The jobs will be re-imported to the good ol’ USA since we'll soon be willing to work for nothing!
The unemployment rate has doubled since 2006 and the number of Americans seeking day labor jobs has doubled. The only problem is most of those jobs are off the books so there is still a lack of tax revenue. If we don't quit giving all the money to the banks and the military and find a way to reinvent the middle class, we are going down the tubes. Less than twenty-five years ago, we used to make here what we consume, now it's all Made in Communist China! But those funds are finite, and when you've got bills to pay, groceries to buy, and no more UI or savings, most people will do what they have to take care of themselves and their families.
Of course that would be in the best interest of the American worker so there's no way our government would do it. When more than half of Americans are willing to work for food, then I guess Wall Street and their prostitutes in Congress will declare the economy fixed and the corporate owned media will go back to ignoring the problems of average Americans. It is time to see that even if one city is not suffering from climate change another city can or will suffer from climate change which by the way this rationale also applies to all nations including my own country! At least they aren't relying on tax paying citizens to support them, like most welfare recepiants are.

The Immigration or non-immigration policy of George Bush is a substantial piece of the Bush Bottle Rocket Economy. Please show the Americans where to find these so called day jobs, I think the directions and address and printed in Spanish. Beats using your hands to pick other people's pockets like Wall Street bankers have done. It also means that Americans are finally realizing that this country is in trouble and they cannot rely on the government to fix everything that is wrong in their lives.
Michigan leads the pack with over 15 percent unemployment, followed by Nevada, Rhode Island, California and South Carolina. The Obama administration is in for a very rude awakening if they do not produce the jobs that they promised and soon. It is time to see how can we help other nations and offer goods and services to reduce the impact of climate changes!
It included Phony Banking a Corrupt Stock Market and Cheap Pre 1920'S Labor to fuel the failed economy for 2009. And besides, It's a better scenario than people standing on lines looking for a handout. Sadly, until Bush messed up our economy and left us with a tremendous war deficit, our generation never knew the true hardships our parents and grandparents faced during the Great Depression.
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Vote up the people who were truly the worst, and vote down those who were just runners-up of the worst. Riffey admitted that she'd injected both teens with skag and given it to them in powdered form. Her boyfriend was also arrested on charges of drug trafficking and giving the children heroin as well. In fact, hourly employees weren't contacted for that exact reason - they'd have to be paid overtime. Federal labor laws that would outlaw this kind of exploitation of salaried workers are in the works, but so far, they haven't happened. On the plus side, the company has joined several others in making sure its workers have their schedules one week in advance so they can make childcare arrangements. It does look like Stone was stabbed defending a female friend, meaning the jerk who stabbed him was waving a knife at a woman, and managed to stab an American hero in the process. In Savage's own words:a€?Sorry I cana€™t notice it, there is a shooting at an Oregon community college, 10 dead, right on schedule. Ia€™m sorry, Ia€™m not generally given to conspiracy theories, but it seems to be a very convenient way to get Obamaa€™s abject disastrous failures as a foreign policy moron off the headlines. I didna€™t say that it was orchestrated by the government, but Ia€™m starting to wonder: How do these things happen so conveniently for a failure like this?
Where is he hiding?a€? see more on Michael Savage> 5 + 47 - 25 Gerod Roth and His Facebook Friends z Photo Credit What Happened: Atlanta marketing executive Gerod Roth posted a selfie making a smug, mocking face in front of his African-American co-worker's young child. Sadly, this would leave her kids at a disadvantage, as the Hindua€“Arabic numeral system is the most commonly used counting system in the world, and is the basis for English numbers. Normandin finished her profoundly ignorant ramble with an educational call to arms: a€?We need to stand up against this, ya€™all. According to reports, Barnes found out Fisher, who also divorced not long ago, was courting Govan. So he decided to settle this obvious bro-code violation like a man.Specifically, Barnes hopped in his car, drove to LA from Santa Barbara, and fought Fisher.
Barnes fled the scene before police could arrive.Barnes later claimed that he went to the house to check on the welfare of his sons, not to fight Fisher.
The woman saw a thief fleeing the store with a cart full of stolen goods as he jumped into a waiting getaway car. Taking it upon herself to act as Home Depot's loss-prevention staff, the woman pulled her piece and started shooting wildly at the fleeing car, which got away anyway.Police were called, and while the woman was not immediately arrested, she was investigated.
And concealed carry advocates and gun instructors spared no invective for the woman, who they claimed should never have drawn her gun - let alone fired it - when she wasn't aware of the situation, where there were innocent bystanders around, and when nothing but property was at risk.

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