A sloped roof and lean-to design allow you to abut this Arrow Yard Saver storage shed against another structure for maximum space efficiency. Want to move your car back into the garage, but have too much stuff in the way, Take a look at the BMS7790 shed, constructed out of durable double-wall resin which is sure to last. I would need to pick this up from store but am concerned that the box might be too big for my pickup truck. One box slid into my 2013 dodge grand caravan very tight took some elbow grease to get it out, the second box was too wide so I got rid of the box and slide the contents into the back on top of the first box. Not sure about the exact dimensions, but it was 2 boxes and fit in the back of my buddies Tacoma.
The second piece I put together was the roof's poles which not gave me a small tent to move within to then set up the rear pole. After figuring out how to assemble it - as their instructions are the worst - I stood inside and looked around.
The first rain storm and the seams over the windows went from having pinholes to BEING holes.

I feel like I have just wasted $300 - I do not recommend this product -unless you don't mind the water. Also, the directions (if that is what you could call them) to put the shed up were next to worthless. The metal truss and ridge beam provide roof support, while the reinforced floor is designed for lawn tractor support.
Nothing on the website gives a clear set of dimensions that the PACKAGING takes up, just the size of the assembled shed. I received mine via the HD shipping company and it came in two separate boxes, wrapped together, and mounted on a palate. However the zippered doors can be locked with any type of lock that can secure the zippers! It took me two hours to finally assemble the product because it was not clear on just how to lay the shed on the ground. Once I was able to at least assemble the entrance pole to give me some space to move within the shed, things began to fall into place.

I looked for a repair kit by them - like for a pool - clear patches and glue but they do not offer one.
Portable Storage House XXL is a portable, pop-up storage shed that's ideal for your outdoor storage needs.
With the next day's snow - the windows leaked a whole lot more as the plastic pulled apart from the weight of the snow on the roof. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed.
The storage house's spring steel frame pops up the front and back wall in a flash, helping you set up the shed when and where you need it.

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