We have a standard range for sale featured in our catalogue, however these designs should be used for inspiration for your project as we custom design each building.
Based in Strathpine on Brisbane's north side, we supply superior steel buildings at affordable prices. We can use any standard as a starting point and then tailor the project to suit not only your intended use, but the design criteria of your site. Moreover, we use quality BlueScope Steel in all our steel buildings and we offer an innovative supply guarantee that gives you confidence shopping locally.

We can assist with the design and supply of your steel kit building, or alternatively we can help you throughout the project from dealing with Council, to arranging your concreting and trades and erection of the building. If you have any questions or have found a design you like, please contact us on 0412 573 378. Whether you're in Chermside or Caboolture, we offer a great range of steel buildings including residential and large garages, workshop sheds, farm sheds, barns, equine structures and kit homes. We then engineer the steel building specifically for the site it is to be built on; taking into account terrain, topography, shielding, importance levels and wind region.

We take pride in providing the highest standards of customer service, ensuring satisfaction with every shed we sell, throughout North Brisbane.

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