The Texas horse industry is significant in the lives of people who keep, use and enjoy horses, and it makes a noticeable contribution to the economy of the state. Shortly after the formation of the GHHC, Harris and surrounding counties experienced flooding on a large enough scale that, among other things, a number of horses perished. Look through our galleries of equestrian structures that we have built across the country and bring your ideas and the unique aspects that you would like to have for your own structure, or come up with a completely new design from your own ideas. The design experts will work to get your ideas on paper as we at DC Building use the latest in CAD design software and cloud-based project management systems until we have a working plan to help you visualize how the structure will look like. Have the safe and fully functional equestrian barn to house your horses or provide horse stabling for your commercial business.
Check out our gallery of completed projects to see what DC Building could do for you and your horses. DC Building constructs custom horse barns with the top rated timber frame construction techniques. DC Building’s custom horse barns are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Custom Horse BarnsYour custom wood horse barn from DC Building will be built using the finest timber frame construction techniques and materials. Stable Hollow Construction Company—custom barns, horse barns, pole buildings, garages, riding arenas and more. We are custom barn builders in PA, MD, DE, NJ, NY, and CT, committed to building you the barn of your dreams.
We are careful to build structures with a highly durable framework to support whatever size building you need.
If a small shed or chicken coop is all you need, our team of barn builders will reflect your preferences and our quality in the craftsmanship just the same. With our attention to detail and quality, your livestock and provisions will be well sheltered from wind and rain in style.
Norman Adams Home Builders can provide you with their own, meticulously thought out horse barn designs or work with you from your own sketches and ideas.
Norman Adams has designed and built thoroughbred horse training facilities for some of the most prestigious names in Ocala as well as small horse barns and horse stalls for the individual homeowner. Norman Adams has any number of different horse barn plans to suit your needs and compliment your home, with any number of stalls and all the amenities you want.
Contact Norman Adams about their 4, 8, 16, 20 or 24 stall horse barns plans or to custom design your horse barn today. We have staff members who are not only experienced with building barns but also have many years of experience in the horse industry that include breeding, training, and showing horses.We will combine our knowledge and experience with your particular concerns to design and build a custom horse barn built just for you. Almost one million participants are involved in various aspects of an industry revolving around just over one million horses.

This was a blow to the horse industry in the greater Houston area, because it was the area’s premier equestrian facility.
Even worse were the losses that occurred in south Florida when the last major hurricane struck. They were professional and helpful through the entire process, from the first conversation concerning my building and my needs, to the very end of the project. Our design specialist and drafting experts will hold web meetings with you to make your dreams a reality.
Every aspect of the design, project planning and construction process will involve your constant input and approval.
DC Building will work with you from start to finish until you have the perfect custom-designed building. Our custom hose barns can include custom riding arenas, an unlimited number of automated feeder stalls, wash bays, state of the art tack rooms, all weather insulation for both hot and cold environments, custom apartments attached, taller ceiling to accommodate trailers and contemporary or traditional designs.
Our team is highly experienced in constructing elaborate horse barns and riding arenas as well as storage barns and other more basic outbuildings.
If the building is for livestock, we are extra careful to include good lighting and ventilation.
Norman Adams Home Builders is a licensed and certified home builder and has been building homes in Sumter County, Citrus County, Hernando County, Pasco County, Lake County and Marion County for over 20 years. Norman Adams is a custom builders even when it comes to horse barns, tailoring each project to your specific needs. Norman Adams offers feed and hay storage, tack rooms, wash racks, bathrooms, laundry room, offices and apartments with center aisle or shed row style and with various elevations. You will be pleased with the quality construction and customer service at Norman Adams Home Builders and the horses will be happy too!
Contributions that horses make to the quality of life for Texas citizens are well documented.
One doesn’t have to reflect for long on the history of the Gulf Coast to realize that the same thing could happen here-that, in fact, it almost certainly will happen here, sooner or later. I have had friends who had barns built by another company and they were shocked when I told them the price.
You want to have the perfect equestrian barn designed to accommodate your horses or to provide stabling services for other horse lovers. We will inform you about all products, materials, construction methods and cost as our skilled draftsmen will modify the plans so that they meet all building standards.
We will give you a consultation on all the custom horse barn upgrades that will make your custom horse barn perfect. Norman Adams reputation for quality construction, excellent customer satisfaction, and a stand behind everything they do mentality, has allowed this family owned business to earn the respect of the community as well as their peers.

The Texas horse industry generates or provides over 140,000 full-time-equivalent jobs, yet many people participate simply for the pleasure and recreational benefits obtained from involvement with horses.
Susie Blackwell, a farsighted and determined woman, got a group of club leaders together and tackled the problem. Concerns about these kinds of situations led the GHHC (in cooperation with the SPCA and the Harris County Emergency Management Agency) to develop the Equine Evacuation and Assistance (EVAC for short) Program.
At DC Building, we will assist you with designing the appropriate equestrian barn and most effective layout for your property to meet your needs and specifications. Over a quarter of a million households have billions of dollars invested in horses and horse related equipment. Its purpose is to develop methods of coming to the aid of horse owners in crisis situations.
Also we can install custom copper pipe windows built into the horse stalls to give it a special touch.
Travel with Texas horses creates well over $3 billion in travel related spending, and the enjoyment of competition has a bigger direct effect on the economic impact than racing alone, or on just the pure recreational use of horses.
Today, it represents approximately forty member organizations and through them, roughly five thousand individuals. However, indirect and induced effects from racing make a comparably higher contribution to total impact. It is the only council in Texas recognized by the American Horse Council, although it is currently working to end this claim to uniqueness by aiding in the formation of sister horse councils in other areas of the state.
Texas horses play many roles and many have multiple use for competition and recreational or leisure riding. Efforts to save the Great Southwest Equestrian Center were a success, by the way-it is alive and well today.
The demand for horses is met, in part, by the use of over 200,000 horses for breeding purposes.
Part of a strong Texas heritage exists yet today with the continuing use of horses for field work, ranch work and feedlot duties. And even though Texas has long been home for some well known race horses, this state’s presence in the total racing industry continues to grow. It all adds up to an industry with a multi-billion dollar impact on the economy and significant impact on the lives of many Texas citizens.

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