Large Selection of Horse Barn Plans With Living Quarters horse barn plans with loft apartment.
Any Style, Any Size, From Opulent To Practical, We Build Anything and Everything Equestrian. It's easy to see why BBL has become a respected leader in the fast and efficient construction of equestrian buildings.
Your new equestrian building can provide a large clear-span riding arena, truck and trailer storage, hay storage, office or living quarters and easy-to-maintain comfortable horse stalls.
An equestrian building from BBL includes the entire building package from one source including the horse barn plans.
Using structural insulated panels, (SIPs), in your equestrian building will provide a comfortable office or living quarters creating extra long-term value with the energy efficiency provided by the panels. The interior and exterior of your new building can be finished with any materials you desire. Combine this with a clear-span riding arena, and you’ll find a building that any horse lover can enjoy.

Horse barn plans – free building plans, Free horse barn plans, including an arena horse barn.
Your horses will stay clean and safe while being in the comfort of a barn or stable that offers protection from uncomfortable or severe weather. We manufacture the roof trusses, roof and wall panels, floor trusses and provide a complete pre-engineered and guaranteed building shell for your horse and your family. A building made with SIPs offers impact resistance, walls that are stronger and straighter while being up to 50% more energy efficient than a stick-built building. Add cupolas, Dutch doors and windows and you’ve got a unique design to fit your style. Choosing a BBL building means faster construction, less job site waste and overall a more cost-effective structure. Talk to us about your dream horse barn plans and we will help design a unique combination of modules to create a special horse barn, stable or riding arena—the building complex you have been dreaming of. Then, your building is constructed by one of professional builders located throughout our network.

The pre-engineered building is designed to meet International and state building codes and will meet the wind and snow loads specified. Your new building or horse complex will provide convenience, accessibility, security and comfort for you and your horses. Our insulated panel system is 15-times better at stopping air infiltration giving you a more comfortable building by virtually eliminating drafts. Our advanced pre-engineered panels and post-frame construction provide exceptional insulation, long life durability and economical construction. The Horse buff aforementioned It’s Horse Barn Apartments are Smart horse barn plans with loft apartment. I run a non-profit equine welfare organization and we are getting ready to gear up for our capital campaign and this barn would be great.

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