High quality washable vinyl banner, waterproof inks and a UV protective coating gives us a longevity rating of many years. Stickerbrand wall murals DO NOT need glue, paste or any special chemicals, they come with self adhesive backing. The decals can be applied to all smooth surfaces, such as walls, windows, tiles, mirrors and doors.
In my shop, you will find variety of outstanding murals for your interior with amazing illusions as well as other things with unique designs. The Prestige range of internal stable doors from Cheval Liberté is manufactured to a superior standard for those looking for the ultimate in quality furniture for their stable buildings.
The gate posts are manufactured from 90mm diameter steel tube on to which can be fitted various embellishments including our beautiful horse's head castings.

The gates and frames are available either in galvanized or polyester-coated finish, and the gates can be panelled in either pine or oak. Two sizes are available: the smaller is known as the Club Stable Door and the larger the Haras Stable Door. IMPORTANT NOTE: All product prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Our equestrian stable doors are all constructed in our own workshop and hand finished to a very high standard to meet our requirements for strength and quality and to ensure customer satisfaction.
Special adapted hinges and bolts to ensure they are securely attached to adjacent brick work. Our Reviews from Robert RigbyI recently purchased 4 softwood stable doors from Morley Equestrian.

Face the self-adhesive side of the sticker down on the location that you desire and apply even, firm pressure to ensure complete removal of any bubbles. Interior horse barn designs will be lifted out of all recognition by upgrading to Prestige stable doors. Simply take a thumbtack or needle and poke the bubbled area a couple of times, then smooth it out with your hands.

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